Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Featured in Wedding Chicks- Green and Silver 1920's Wedding

Ok, so how GORGEOUS are the images in this shoot?!  We did this one last year, but it was published in the awesome "all things wedding" blog extraordinaire Wedding Chicks yesterday! There are so many elements that made this shoot fabulous, I'm not even sure where to start.....

The whole thing was orchestrated by the fabulous Marian Timmer, of Minted Artistry...this chica had a VISION, and I was beyond impressed at her attention to detail!  Everything was spot on historically accurate for the time period and stunningly perfect.  For the beauty and makeup perspective, I wanted to create a smoky eye that was elegant and mysterious....a bride that looked too current would totally ruin the mood of this shoot, so getting it right was crucial!  Check out these "behind the scenes" shots....

Christina - "Before"
Creating a Roaring 20's Smoky Eye.....

Makeup Test Shot while Model gets hair done

Our goal was to transform model Christina from a modern day pretty blonde to a roaring 20s glamorous bride.  I created an intense smoky eye with layers and layers of blended shadows in shades of carbon, taupe, coffee and emerald green, plus major lashes for that film noir look.  Unlike a modern day smoky eye, a 20s/30s version was more rounded in shape, and had more depth and shading than it's modern cousin.  I finished the look with plenty of liner, defined brows, flawless skin and a 20's-30's era deep burgundy lip, and then our fab hairstylist, Renn Traylor, got to work on the perfect updo to compliment the makeup, and amazing hair accessories.  And here's the finished look!

So stunning!!!  I love the full out glamour that characterized that era, don't you?  I can almost hear the soft jazz music and imagine the movie star handsome groom that's waiting for this beauty to walk down the aisle.  Want to see the ENTIRE shoot?  Click here for the full gallery of images on the Wedding Chicks feature...the florals, furniture, linens, paper goods...all of it will make you swoon!!!  One of my my favorite shoots ever, and I loved working with this fabulous vendor team....

Concept & Styling: Minted Artistry
Photography: Peyronet Photography
Venue: T &P Station Fort Worth
Prop/Furniture Rentals: Gold Dust Vintage May I Serve You
Stationery: The Three
Gown & Accessories: Bridal Boutique of Lewisville
Pastries: Tart Bakery

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rainy Day Makeup Tips (Daily Makeover Feature)

As I look out the window at this dreary day, I realized the perfect timing of my most recent blog feature in Daily Makeover....Rainy Day Makeup Tips!  Might really come in handy, it's due to rain all day tomorrow and Saturday as well....

So, when it's rainy and wet outdoors, what can you do to keep your makeup intact? 

Waterproof your Lashes -   The most obvious tip?  Use waterproof mascara, and coat lashes well. But you might not know that you should only use waterproof formulas occasionally, it's too drying for everyday use!    

Choose a Liner that Won't Budge - Choose a waterproof gel formula... once it's set, it won't move!
There are formulas at every price point, I like Inglot AMC-77 for a black as night, budge proof line, and Maybelline's Master Drama Gel liner works well too and is super affordable.  Liquid liner is the worst choice, it tends to run the minute water hits it!  Bonus to using a waterproof gel liner?  You can paint on your waterline (use a small eyeliner brush) for long-lasting impact that doesn't fade like pencil does.

Perfect a Rain Proof Pout -  Skip gloss and use lipstick instead.  Try this technique...tap on lipstick with your finger instead of applying straight from the
Image - Getty Images
tube...this will infuse color into your lips in a way that won't wash off, or melt down in the rain.  Gloss is too sticky, it can run, and it's a disaster if it's windy!

Go For Creams instead of Liquids -  On rainy days, you'll have better luck with cream foundation, blush and even shadow...set them with a micro-fine setting powder for all day wear.  Not all creams are created equally....look for cream/gel combos with good pigmentation in formulas that aren't too slippery for best results.  Butter London Cream Blush is a current fave!

Don't Touch!  - Most important tip is to not touch your face.  Why? What really ruins your makeup isn't water (especially in small amounts), it's the combo of water and pressure from wiping your face and eyes.  If your face gets wet...whether it's rain, tears, or sweat...do not wipe, period.
Image - Visual Images
Blot off excess water carefully with a tissue or even a paper towel and your makeup (yes, even mascara) should stay intact!

So there you have it, a few quick and easy tips that will help you stay beautiful no matter how ugly the weather gets!

Oh, and be sure to click here to see the article on Daily Makeover, and while you're there, check out all the other fun tips on makeup, hair and all things girlie!  I especially love their use of my fave classic red lips in their logo...love it.  


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ali and Brent's Fort Worth Wedding Featured in Brides of North Texas

As much as we all like seeing imaginative styled shoots and wedding "inspiration", I think it's just as awesome to see real weddings in magazines and blogs!  The connection, the intimacy, the uniquely personal elements chosen by that particular couple.....what could be more inspiring than that?  Since I do makeup well before the ceremony starts, I especially love to see all the images of how the entire event comes together...as in Ali and Brent's wedding in August!  A beautiful bride, handsome groom, stunning dress and venue.....all perfect.  Know what's my favorite thing?  These two have known each other since grade school....yep, childhood sweethearts!  They have a deep loving bond that's really evident when they're together.....now THAT'S what makes for the perfect wedding.  Add to that a rockstar vendor team teeming with talent, a super sweet bride and bridal party....it's an understatement to say that I was so happy to have a small part in it, and to see it featured in Brides of North Texas in their "Vows that Wow" Series!

Brides of North Texas - "Vows that Wow" - Ali and Brent

Vendor Team

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lip Stains 101, everything you need to know! (Plus.... Lip Service Featured in Beauty High!)

I recently was asked to write an article on lip stains....great topic!   I think a lot of people aren't quite sure how to use them or which ones to choose.  So, here we go....Lip stain 101!!

As the name implies, a stain will impart long-lasting color to your lips....it doesn't just sit on top of your lips like glosses and lipsticks do, it actually stains the skin on your lips.  I like to use a stain as a bottom layer for a long-lasting lip color look...great for brides and weddings, or even just a big night out!  Lip stain followed by a creamy lipstick ensures a vibrant color, and won't leave you with that ugly "ring" when your lipstick starts to wear off.  Another great use for lip stains are for very natural makeup looks.  I use a lip stain mixed with balm when I'm doing "no makeup" makeup on children and men for commercial
Commercial Shoot for Girl Scouts of America
work....you can replicate a naturally flushed look that doesn't look like any color has been applied.  Great trick! If you're just a really natural makeup girl, this tactic can also work for you.

If you're going to use a traditional liquid lip stain, you have to be sure your lips have been exfoliated and primed with lip balm (exfoliate the night before, do lip balm to sleep in, and again first thing in the morning...let it soak in before you do your makeup.)  I like Chapstick Hydration Lock balm
for this purpose. Lip stain has zero moisture and many contain alcohol and can actually dry your lips a bit, so proper prep is key to good results! 

Lip stains come in many shades, but unlike lipstick, they don't have opacity or creaminess....this means that some shades that might work on you in a lipstick won't look good in a lip stain.  Remember lip stains are all about creating the illusion of naturally flushed lips, so you can't go wrong by choosing tones that duplicate a naturally rosy pout....a mid-tone berry or peachy-rose works on
EVERYONE, as would a soft (not super bright!) red.  Pat on your lips using your 4th finger....gently push the pigment into your lips.  Don't use liner, but you can use a small lip brush if you want a more precise look. Lip stains typically won't bleed like lipsticks do...bonus!
For pigment and stain with more moisture, try a lip stain/balm combo, there are many on the market at every price point! (I like the Revlon versions....)  These are a hybrid of lip balm mixed with lip stain, so they provide long lasting color as well as moisture.  They apply like a lip crayon, so it's easy to get precise results.  As with regular lip stains, you'll want to stick with berry, reddish or  pinky-peach shades for the most natural look.  They don't last quite as long as traditional stain, but they're easy to apply and a great alternative option if regular stain dries out your lips too much.  Lip balm/stain combos are a great choice for every day, it's like applying your lip balm and getting a little punch of color at the same time!

Before/After of Client using a rosy lip balm/stain instead of lipstick
 If you have sensitive lips, stains might not work well for you, as they might irritate...try a lip balm/stain combo instead.  Everyone should avoid very dark lip stain, as well as very light shades...remember, lip stains don't have opacity like lipsticks do, these colors don't translate well and can look really unflattering.  Avoid lip stains completely if your lips are dry and chapped....this product doesn't provide coverage, so they flakes will show....stick with creamy lipsticks and balms to restore the moisture to your lips.

Want to read more about Lip Stains?  My comments pulled from this article, along with tips from other makeup artists were featured today in a recent article on Beauty High....click here to read more!

I am happy to be a regular contributor to Beauty High....it's an awesome beauty blog...check it out for great tips on skin, hair, makeup and more!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't Make this Bridal Beauty Makeup Mistake! (Bridal Guide Magazine Featured Tip of the Day)

I love doing wedding makeup for lovely brides each week...it's amazing to help a woman feel beautiful on the most important day of her life.  I'll never get tired of bridal artistry and the creativity that goes into it, but I also really enjoy being a practical resource and a problem solver for my brides!  I love sharing advice and tips that will make the planning process easier and less stressful. After 20 plus years in the biz, I've been there, done that and seen it all!  (Am I jinxing myself by saying that!?! Hope not...) As a wedding beauty expert,  I frequently contribute articles and tips to magazines and blogs on anything related to bridal makeup (and sometimes food too..hey, whatever they want to know, I'm happy to help!)
Check out Resources like Bridal Guide Magazine for Tips!

Let's face it, wedding planning is OVERWHELMING! It's takes lots of time to plan, there are a million details and sticker shock can throw you and your fiance for a loop.  There are so many things about wedding planning that you may not know....but not to worry!  There are tons of resources out there for you....blogs, articles, magazines...all filled with tips and tricks to make planning your nuptials a total breeze. Bridal Guide Magazine recently asked me to contribute a few tips on "Top 25 Wedding Day Makeup Mistakes Brides Make".  I shared several things, but one stood out, and I'm so glad it was featured in the magazine's Tip of the day...because it's one that brides truly don't know.....

So what's the tip?

Plain and simple...DON'T WAIT!  I've been a makeup artist for a long time and the timeline for booking makeup has really changed!!

Engaged girls used to book makeup dead last....2-3 months out from wedding day was very common and that "suggested timeline" was even listed in bridal planning guides as standard.  These days?  Girls book EARLY....I've already had a few inquiries for 2016, and I know other artists have too!  Brides have access to a lot more information, they tend to get more in-depth suggestions from other vendors and thanks to social media and websites, they can easily check out an artist's work months ahead of time without even having to make an appointment.  Add to that the fact that bridal beauty has been ranking higher than ever on the "must have" priority list of many brides, and it all adds up to girls identifying and booking their favorite artist much earlier now... about 6 months to a year in advance.

Truly, there is nothing sadder than getting an excited "I love your work, can't wait to meet you!" email or phone call, just to tell the bride her date is already booked up and I can't help.  I recently spoke with a bride who has been following me on social media for over a year, but didn't call until 3 months out....yep, her date was totally full and I had to refer her on to someone else.  We were BOTH really sad about it, I think we would've been such a good fit for each other!  She truly didn't realize that the makeup timeline had changed....she told me that she hadn't heard anyone talk about it, nor had she seen that information on any bridal magazines or blogs. I realized that although wedding insiders knew things had changed, newly engaged chicas may not have gotten the word yet.

Image: somethingturquoise.com
So ladies, if you are a bride to be and you're reading this now....don't wait!  Call or email today so your artist can assemble a price quote for you and get the process started with plenty of time to spare. There's really no such thing as too early, and you'll feel great knowing you've got your preferred artist booked and you won't have to scramble!

Want to find out more tips that'll prevent YOU from making a bridal beauty mistake?  Check out the full article from Bridal Guide Magazine here.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Breakouts...learn how to treat, hide and prevent!

Breakouts.  They can happen at any age, and usually at the worst possible moments....big interview, first date...even wedding day.  So, what should you do?  First off, I have to give a disclaimer:  I am NOT a dermatologist or esthetician.  I AM a pro makeup artist who is incredibly scrupulous and dedicated to great skin care and I'm fairly educated on the basic principles of skin and how it reacts in various situations. If you are having major  or ongoing skin problems, please visit a derm or licensed esthetician for help.  If you're not really having major issues, but just want to know how to deal with the occasional zit...these tips are for you!
Image: Boldsky.com

1. CLEANSE GENTLY- Be VERY gentle with an active breakout!  You might feel like you want to scrub your face or use a lot of toner or pack on every product you can lay your hands on, but this can....and usually will make your breakout worse. Keep it simple and just use a gentle cleanser and don't forget to use an oil-free moisturizer.  If your skin gets too dry, it'll produce more oil to compensate...NOT what you need right now.  Acne can rear it's ugly head (probably my grossest pun EVER!) as the result of many factors, but the last thing you should do is irritate and dry out your already inflamed skin!

2. HANDS OFF - This is common sense and easier said that done, but here it is.. don't pick.  Just like your
mom always told you, it spreads germs and bacteria and makes your breakout worse.  Plain and simple, it's MUCH easier to cover a little red bump than dry, crusty skin!  If it's your wedding or bridal portrait day and I'm doing your makeup?  Don't touch your breakout...seriously, it's SO much easier for me to cover a zit that's been left alone versus one that well...hasn't been.  Cleanse as usual, apply acne medication just to the bump and then hands off.  If  it's too late and you already picked, try applying an anti-bacterial gel like Neosporin to speed healing and prevent infection.

3. PRIME -  If you're trying to cover the breakout yourself, you'll need to use a good primer.  Primer doesn't clog your pores and doesn't impart oil into your skin....it sits on top and gives your skin a supple, slightly more plump appearance that is crucial to covering any bumpy texture.  Primer will
help your foundation glide on top of your skin as well as help it adhere and give you the coverage you need right now.  Try WhipHand's Set the Stage Primer...one of my favorites!

4. COVER - Use a color correcting foundation, I like IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness....it has just a touch of green that totally cancels out the redness from a breakout but blends into most skin tones beautifully.  Sponge on lightly using a dampened beauty blender (don't pack it on!) until the redness is gone. If your spot needs a bit more
coverage, then use a tiny concealer brush (I love these from ELF...bonus, they're only $1 at Target!)to dot a little extra foundation and carefully blend the edges. DON'T make the mistake of trying to cover pimples with concealer, especially a lighter, brightening one for use in your undereye area!  The lighter color will make your zit more obvious...cover with foundation or concealer that matches your skin as closely as possible.  Set with a a light dusting of finishing powder applied with a big fluffy brush to set.  Don't cake on powder!  A light dusting is all you need.

5. KEEP IT CLEAN - Keep your tools and makeup scrupulously clean...wash your hands before and after applying makeup, cleanse your brushes regularly, wash out sponges with anti-bacterial soap after each use.  You should do this all the time, but it's especially important if you're having an active breakout.  Borrow a pro trick and use a small spatula (like this) and a palette...scrape out a bit of foundation, primer or blush from
the container and use from the palette.  The main container always stays pristine this way!  It's much more sanitary, and you'll get better results from your products as well.  Sanitize palette and tools with alcohol after each use.

True story:  I had a client who kept getting pimples on her nose and chin and was super frustrated.  She came to me for advice on what makeup to choose, she was convinced her makeup was the culprit....she was at her wit's end and fortunately had already made an appointment with the dermatologist the following week.  When I was doing her makeup, I talked her through her makeup and skin care routine and guess what? She had never...as in NEVER once washed her brushes or makeup sponges! Literally years of dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells going back on her face every time she applied her makeup....a much more likely cause of acne than her non-comedogenic foundation.  She mistakenly thought that since she wasn't sharing her tools or products that all the cleaning and sanitizing wasn't necessary, but she couldn't be more wrong.  Keeping everything that touches your face...your hands, your tools, brushes and cosmetics super clean can prevent a wide variety of skin issues.  The routine is easy once you get used to it, and it's way cheaper to keep your stuff clean that pay for a dermatologist visit!

These are my tips to manage and conquer the occasional breakout or random pimple that all of us experience from time to time, but please note, if you're experiencing acne often or with a degree of severity, please be sure to make an appointment with your dermatologist for a long-term solution!!  There are many medications and courses of treatment that your doctor can prescribe if your skin issues are more severe.  For the rest of us, follow these tips and when that random zit shows up, you'll know exactly what to do.   If your skin looks great, you'll feel confident...makeup looks fabulous and so do you!  What tricks have you tried to cover breakouts?  What worked...and didn't?  Share in the comments below.....

11/19/2014 - UPDATE: I just found out that the popular Beauty Blog "Beauty High" used some of my tips in their recent post on preventing breakouts!  Check out the full article here to read my tips plus tips from other beauty pros!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Could you Wear You Tube Makeup in Real Life? These Refinery 29 Staffers did....

There is some CRAZY stuff happening in the land of makeup lately...have you noticed?  Overdrawn eyebrows, false lashes at PTA meetings, major highlight and contour in line at McDonald's.  As a makeup artist, I'm all about experimenting and playing with your look, but holy cow...I've never seen so many drag queen-esque women running around.  Thanks You Tube and Instagram!

Image Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is an awesome lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog, but to me, articles like this are what they do best....social experimenting at it's finest!  Using their own staffers, talented Makeup Artist Nick Barose applied some current trendy looks...each person had to wear the makeup all day and gauge reactions from strangers and loved ones.  Want to find out what happened?  Click here to read the full article!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

6 Reasons Why You Need A Pro Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

When talking to booked brides, prospective clients and other wedding vendors, I'm often asked "What's REALLY different about using a pro to do your makeup on wedding day?"  I thought to myself...GOOD QUESTION!

So, what IS different about having a pro artist apply your makeup on your wedding day?  A LOT!  In this age of DIY, many of you really want to know exactly what you're getting when you hire a pro versus doing your own or having a friend help out.  What are you paying for....what goes into it? When it comes to wedding day makeup, here are just a few reasons why you should hire a pro:
In My Kit.....

1. Quality Products  - Pro artists have tested products extensively and know what works and what doesn't, and it's definitely not about buying the most expensive or trendy cosmetics, either.  I test every potential new product on myself for a month...if it passes the test of no irritation, looks great, performs well,  has plenty of pigmentation, lasts all day....then I purchase another one for my kit....I don't care if it costs $5 or $50, it must pass the test.  Random  and untested stuff doesn't go into pro kits, we can't risk it!  Most bridal MUA's use a combination of prestige products, pro brands and drugstore finds that we know perform under pressure.
Set up and ready for wedding day!
 We have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of product, tools and brushes to accommodate any skin tone or situation and we know what's in our kit not only looks beautiful, but really works and lasts the way it's supposed to.  You'd spend far more than our wedding day fees to go out and purchase all of the products and tools we're gonna use to make you gorgeous, that's for sure! You can't create a beautiful look without the right products and tools....we've got 'em and know how to use 'em.

2. Knowledge - As Pros we know how to blend to get the perfect shade of lipstick, exactly what eye shadow will make your hazel eyes pop and which foundation will look best on your Mom's dry skin. Through education and years of experience, I can look at each woman and know how to enhance her features in the best way possible based on her style, bone structure and face shape....it's what artists do!  Your everyday makeup is probably just fine...for EVERYDAY.  This isn't just another day at the office...this is your wedding, it's vital that you look your absolute best!  You need makeup in the perfect shades for you that has been blended properly, with lashes the right length and shape for your eye shape....and all the
Vanja D Photography
other details that go into a flawless face.  We know how to take your inspiration photo and translate it into your dream wedding day look, but we'll also use the experience we have to steer you away from too much contour or convince you to try a brighter lip that fits your personality.  We know what works best...for YOU!

3. Technique - This goes along with knowledge, obviously, but it's more about HOW pros apply products versus how you do it at home.  You can have top notch products and still get crappy results if they aren't applied the right way!  Certain products require a degree of manipulation that few amateurs really understand....which primer to use with certain skin types, choosing brow powder or pomade, which foundation will cover a specific complexion issue, which shimmer powder will produce the look that you've pinned over and over on Pinterest.  When to use brushes, when to blend
Lightly Photography
with a sponge, what size brush to use to achieve a certain effect.....we've developed all of these techniques over the years.  Take that PLUS the great products? It results in the ultimate goal...flawless wedding day makeup that enhances your features in the best way possible.

4. Makeup that LASTS - how many times have you done makeup on yourself...just to look in the mirror at lunch and realize it totally disappeared?  This is a common complaint I hear from clients all the time!!  Yet another reason why you need to book a pro, because we use primers, sealers and application techniques that result in a long lasting and totally budge-proof look. Staying power like that is very difficult to accomplish on your own, especially when you're talking photos, ceremony, reception....it can be a long day.  Something many of us do?  When we get pics back from photographers, we skip to the last photos!  Personally, I love to see that the makeup still looks good and hasn't faded, and I always check (just like in the example below from Katherine's wedding last year!)  Wedding day makeup has to last a minimum of 12 hours,  a pro can create the perfect look that lasts from the first kiss to the last dance.

Tracy Autem Photography

5. Specialized Customer Service - We KNOW weddings, inside and out.  After 20 plus years, I have seen, heard and experienced nearly everything you can imagine on wedding day, and I know how to handle it.  Ice storm and bridesmaids are 3 hours late?  Been there, done that.  Bride getting stressed and needs someone to hand her a cocktail and remind her to breathe?  I'll be your bartender/counselor for a few minutes!  Bridesmaid needs to be talked into wearing more makeup than just Chapstick?
 I'll figure out how to get her just glam enough without pushing her too far out of her comfort zone.  Makeup artists who specialize in bridal makeup know all of this, and a whole lot more!  We know exactly how long it takes to do makeup for each person as well as take care of details so that all you and your girls have to do is sit back and get beautified.  Incidentally, do make sure the makeup artist you choose DOES have bridal experience.....this isn't the time to try out a newbie who's never dealt with a cranky bridesmaid who's hungover from the rehearsal dinner, a variety of skin tones and ages that all require different products or an anxious mother who's never had her makeup professionally done.  Pros who specialize in weddings will make your day easy and stress-free, just like you expect from all of the other vendors you've hired.
Jenny Martell Photography

6. Photos and Video You'll Love - Last, but definitely not least....photos and video.  You've spent thousands on choosing the perfect photographer and videographer....this is NOT the time to scrimp on makeup and hate the results of their hard work!!   Ask any wedding vendor, and they'll tell you....bad makeup can ruin the bride's day, but it will also ruin photos and video as well....and poof!  There go your memories.  It's not easy to craft a makeup look that is equally stunning in person AND in photographs, but a pro does exactly that.  You'll look fabulous as your new husband sees you up close, but you'll also look great in the photos and videos too...this is crucial. You'll be so glad you hired a makeup artist every single time you open your wedding album or watch your wedding video!

Well, there you have it....and honestly, there are even more reasons I'm not listing!  It's more fun, more luxurious, less stressful....on and on. I've covered a few more reasons to hire professional makeup for not just you, but your entire wedding party in this article , so be sure to check that out too! (Hint...a consistent look makes all the difference!) 
So...whether you want to book me or another DFW area artist, or even if you're reading this in
Lifestyle Portrait Photography

another city or country and are considering hiring an artist where you live....think about all of these reasons as you budget for wedding day beauty.  Sure, it's not cheap to hire a talented and reputable makeup artist, but it's a worthwhile investment, and a vital element that can make or break your wedding.  You've only got one shot to look amazing on your big day, so don't take chances.   My wish for all of you is to look as lovely and happy as these brides did on their wedding day...you DESERVE it!

(Makeup in all photos by Jennifer Trotter of  Lip Service Makeup)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

26 Beauty Hacks...be your own Beauty MacGyver!

Do you love a good "Beauty Hack" as much as I do?  Maybe you're asking...what in the world is a beauty hack?  For those who don't know, a beauty hack is a new and unexpected way to use a
product...usually when you're in a pinch or out of whatever you would traditionally use.  Example?  I wear red lipstick daily and somehow that darn red lipstick tends to get on everything....especially a light colored jacket or blouse.  When that happens, I whip out a makeup wipe (I love these by Garnier) instead of a Tide pen or Shout Wipe.

Why? The makeup wipes are dual purpose AND cheaper then Shout Wipes, plus they are specifically formulated to remove makeup and work beautifully!  I keep a pack in my purse at all times for makeup touch ups, clothing fixes, even a quick hand wash if I can't get to a sink.  I've used them to get makeup off my steering wheel, my office phone....oh, and yes, I've even used one to get chocolate off one of my nephews when the baby wipe container was empty.  That, my friends, is a great beauty product hack...making something work for a bunch of things that it wasn't necessarily intended for.  Multi-purpose items are at the core of a hack, that's for sure!  Another hack I've been doing for years?  If my hair is a little frizzy and I don't have hair serum handy, I'll use just a bit of body lotion to tame the mane....bonus points if the lotion smells yummy.
 One more?  Baby Shampoo...the original kind. Sure, you can wash your kiddo's hair with it, but what else can you do?  In a pinch, wash your face, use as shower gel AND wash your makeup brushes.  Need to rinse out your undies? Baby shampoo makes a great lingerie soak, which is especially helpful in hotels away from home, One of the best uses.... remove your eye makeup, even mascara...with no irritation and no tears!  The gentle formula and PH balance make it ideal for a number of uses.

So, we're just barely scratching the surface....ready for a BUNCH of hacks? Check out this article from the editors at Allure Magazine...if anyone knows beauty, these ladies do.  There are 26 tips here...some you may have heard of, some might be new....some you may have been doing for years and didn't realize anyone else knew about!

What about you...are you a "Beauty MacGyver" when it comes to re-purposing beauty products?  Share your favorite makeup or beauty hack below in the comments!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smart Barre Studios - Commercial Shoot

If you're a follower of Lip Service, then you know I do weddings...a LOT of weddings!  I adore working with brides and getting to be a part of their special day...it's very fulfilling to help someone feel truly beautiful on one of the most important days in their lives.  But...that's actually NOT how I got my start as a makeup artist! (Need a little backstory?  Click here....)  I started out as on-air talent filming commercials and video productions, and then starting doing makeup behind the camera. Over the years, I added wedding makeup, boudoir, business headshots and lessons to my list of services, but I also love doing tv/film, and print work for magazines.

When I get the chance to get back to my "commercial roots" I always enjoy the opportunity to work with the production team and see the client's project come to life.  It's challenging, but in a fun way that keeps me on my toes, so keep checking back as I start catching up and posting about other commercial projects I've done this year!

This particular shoot was for Smart Barre Studios, based right here in Fort Worth, TX, with 4 local locations and 1 in San Antonio.  If you're not familiar, Smart Barre is a unique combination of ballet/yoga/stretching that lengthens your muscles while toning your body.  Want that lean dancer's body look?  This is how you get it!  All of the instructors have a background in dance, but you don't need to be a dancer to take a class, they assured me. Founder Allison Poston (yep, former ballerina!) contacted me about doing a shoot a few months ago, because they needed updated images for their website.
Making up Kristi, co-owner of Cityview Location

Before/After of Erin, one of the instructors

The makeup had to be light and very natural, but skin needed to look good on film and of course, all of the instructors wanted to look pretty! The goal is for each woman to look naturally beautiful, while looking like they aren't really wearing makeup, like Kristi, Erin and Renn, shown here.  I got started on makeup while Renn Traylor (also a part-time Smart Barre instructor) got started on natural updo's and ponytails that were polished, but simple.  Check it...another fun fact about this shoot?  One of my already booked brides (we're both named Jen and both from Wisconsin too!) also happens to be a part-time Smart Barre instructor, so I got to meet her at this shoot, and then I did her wedding makeup just a few weeks later!  Major "what a small world" kinda day.. gotta love it.
Polished, yet natural looks were perfect for this shoot!

After all the girls were ready to go, it was lights, camera, ACTION! This shoot was a real workout for all the ladies, as they demonstrated move after move for the camera...sometimes holding each position for several minutes.  The end results?  Stunning!  I'm sure their muscles were a little sore, but the results were worth it...scroll down to see gorgeous images that show the Smart Barre workout in action.

Super talented commercial photographer Jason Kindig really captured the beauty and strength of the instructors, don't you think?  Check out some of the final images below and if you're inspired to take a class, contact Smart Barre!  No tutu required...promise.