Monday, December 30, 2013

Starbucks, Humble Beginnings and Sweaters in Hell

WELCOME!  Holy cow, I've actually got a website and blog now....guess you know that since you're reading this post.  Considering I wasn't sure if I'd ever find the time to set one up and I also just started drinking coffee (which I NEVER thought I'd ever, ever do), I think we oughta check and see if hell has frozen over!  Needless to say, this is a big step. Ok, well, I've got the official website, but perhaps you're did I arrive here? 

Well....Here's the scoop...or, at least the makeup part of it.  I got started doing makeup back in the 90s because I was doing a little acting/modeling in local commercials, I was hosting a cable tv show, a little bit of print work.  I wasn't really pursuing the entertainment industry with a burning desire, but some fun opportunities fell in my lap, I liked it and had a good time in front of the camera!  I can only memorize a few lines at a time, but I'm comfortable speaking in public and far from shy, which really helped.  When I'd show up on set, I NEVER liked how anyone else did my makeup, so I always did my own.  One of the production companies I worked for liked my makeup and liked working with me, so they asked me to put together a kit and they hired me for my first job! They flew me to Arizona, we filmed a spot for a major hotel chain and it was AWESOME.  I think I drove the director a little crazy...."does it look ok...are you sure...really?", etc., but I worked my butt off and they liked my enthusiasm.  FIRST PAID MAKEUP JOB. What?!?!
Prepping actors for Wingstop Commercial - 2002
Wow!  I was so excited....I had always been interested in makeup, since I was little!  I really got into it in high school, then modeling in college but I never considered a career doing makeup until I was actually, well...kind of in it.  So, I started doing friends weddings, assisted on commercial work and did whatever I could to gain experience.  Gradually, I started doing photo shoots, headshots, lessons, building and adding to my portfolio....learning along the way by practicing, reading, and taking masters classes.  Then came the weddings...tons of weddings!  Gotta love those loyal brides.  In the early years, I did zero marketing, no website and social media didn't exist, so it was all just straight referrals from brides or companies I'd worked with before.  I'd set up a meeting with a new vendor or venue and show them my hard copy portfolio...old school style!  I'd do makeup for a bride and then have her cousin call me 5 years later to do her that! It's a slow way to build, but it worked....I built long-lasting, amazing relationships and friendships with clients and vendors who trust me.

So...22 years later and here I am!  My kit is 1000 times better than that first one,  I finally launched a website (hallelujah chorus playing.....can you hear it?!?), I tweet and instagram and go to networking events weekly.  I do market research and ran my very first ad a year ago!  I belong to several Pro programs, and spend thousands updating my kit and supplies each year, and my name is on several preferred vendor lists at top venues.  I'm referred by wedding professionals who are truly the top in their field, and I'm honored to be associated with them.  I just did hair and makeup for a national campaign for a huge non-profit organization and even worked on a feature film! I'm a beauty expert and published writer too...I've had several examples of my work and articles on wedding and beauty tips published in national magazines and blogs like SheKnows,, Brides of North Texas, BRIDES, Bustle, and more. I can't stress enough that my business today is very, very different now then the "hobby" it was initially, that's for sure.
Bridal work - 2014

Guess what's NOT different?  I'm just as excited now as I was way back then!  The excitement when I pack up my supplies for a wedding, or review inspiration boards and plan looks for photo shoots, or show up on set for a video production....heck, even going to a networking event. When a photographer I admire or a hot new venue starts sending brides my way.  All of it....I'm still pumped, people!  You'd think all of these years of doing makeup would make me dampen my enthusiasm, but it truly hasn' business has grown and evolved in ways I never thought it could and it's more fun every day.  It's neat to be in magazines and work with fancy schmancy celebrities and industry professionals, but for me, it's all really built around that moment when a woman looks in the mirror after I've done her makeup and finally realizes how beautiful she was all along...I  just showed her how to let everyone else see it.  Whether she's 14 and just learning the ropes, or 55 and finally realizing she deserves to spend a little time on her beauty routine, or a bride who's about to walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams...every woman wants to feel pretty, and I can help. That is the really cool thing about being a makeup artist...I love it all down to my core, and I hope it shows. 
Laughing with bride (Katie) - 2013

I get really excited about things, like a puppy in human form!  I don't do "jaded" or "been there, done that"....still too many things I haven't experienced in this lifetime.  I love Diet Coke, Fort Worth, all kinds of music and I have the most ridiculous collection of necklaces you've ever seen.  I'm super loyal, I love random, funny things and really like for everyone to get along (yes, middle child syndrome) whenever possible.  90% of the time, you'll spot me wearing red lipstick...which is how my logo and company name came about. (I'll post that story another time....)
I sometimes have a hard time remembering names, but I might remember that you told me one time that your favorite flavor was coconut and you're from Idaho....very annoying how selective my memory can be!  Just introduce yourself to me again....I'll get it eventually.

So, now you know a little bit about me and about Lip Service Makeup.  Thanks for reading this post,  thanks for following me and I hope you'll come back and visit me here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.... I'll have lots of great before and afters to share, news, product reviews and other fun goodies about the wedding industry, beauty in and life in general.  Hmm....after typing all of this, I think I need to run to Starbucks......and see if anyone in hell needs a sweater whilel I'm at it.  XO JT

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