Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm a sucker for a great drugstore find....and a catchy name!

I've got TONS of new photos to share, but my computer is being difficult and won't upload, so I'll throw in a quick product review...check back for more before/afters!

Ever heard of Hard Candy?  They used to be part of Urban Decay....the packaging is similar, catchy product names, bold color cosmetics.  The big difference?  Hard Candy is sold at Wal-Mart, that's right WAL-MART.  That means it's CHEAP, people.  Aha, so I've got your attention?  I can't say it enough...I am more than willing to pay big bucks for the right product that delivers the results I want for my clients, but a great product is a great product,  I'm not too snobby to work in some drugstore finds.

I tested a few Hard Candy items recently....including the cleverly titled "Eye'm Tired"....serum to de-puff and brighten your underye area.  Price?  $ why not?

 It comes in a tube with three little metal roller massage the product in and let it dry.  I tried it after cleansing and after eye cream on a morning when my allergies were kicking up.  It felt GREAT....very cool, very refreshing...would be fab in the fridge! (Note for the upcoming Texas summer.....)

I really saw a reduction in was noticeable!  This is now my go to after late nights and allergy makes my eyes feel more awake.  I just wait about 10 minutes and then start my makeup routine....easy.

What makes it work is a combo of the rollers and the light serum that contains vitamin B5, caffeine, cassava and algae extract. This isn't taking the place of anything in my skin care routine, just an addition for puffy eye days.  Again, for the price, it was worth the risk....great product with a catchy, clever name that makes me like it even more. Bring on the weepy chick flicks, I'm ready!

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