Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Texas Beauty and Grace - Loma Linda

Hi Everyone!
I recently did an amazing styled shoot with Melissa Shook Photography out at Loma Linda Events, in Rocket, TX.  Although it's been cold cold cold lately and the trees were definitely still starkly winter barren, we lucked out and the day of the shoot itself was warm and really nice!  I crafted a mostly natural and sweet look for Grace, but when I saw the aquamarine color of her eyes AND the fabulous shoes stylist Sally Schnitzius had lined up for the shoot, I decided to add a little pop of unexpected shadow around her lashline.  I loved the ethereal effect it created...very cool!  For her hair, I did soft, natural waves that were first adorned with a floral crown (created by Teresa Choate with Loma Linda), then just down and loose for the 2nd look.  For the final group of sunset shots, I pinned up a quick twisted topknot PLUS added a vibrant raspberry lip for a more bold and electric look that perfectly played off the colors in her bouquet...gorgeous!  Sally and I collaborated our massive jewelry collections to find some perfect vintage additions to adorn Grace's gorgeous dress.  Did I mention Grace and Matt are engaged in real life?  They had such great chemistry and Melissa captured some sweet moments and dreamy imagery while rushing to get that last little bit of sunlight.  LOTS of pics, but what the heck....check out "Texas Beauty and Grace"!



















Photography - Melissa Shook Photography 

 Venue, Floral, backdrops - Teresa Choate/Loma Linda Events 

 Styling/Jewelry - Sally Schnitzius 

Makeup/Hair/Jewelry/Additional Styling - Lip Service Makeup

Models - Grace Schnitzius and Matt Chapman

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