Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They're Real....and they're SPECTACULAR!

A SUPER common question clients ask is "what's the best mascara?  I've tried everything and still can't find one I like..."

I'm a big believer that mascara doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.  Most mascara formulations are chemically similar...the biggest differences are in packaging, and of course, marketing.  Here's what I look for in a great mascara:  glossy, very black, non-clumping, and no awful smell (I'm very sensitive to products that smell really strong!).  I like formulas that are moisturizing and don't smudge, but also don't take an act of God to remove at night.  Tall order?  Maybe, but I've been lucky and found several I like!  Here are two in different price points to handle any budget.  First, the drugstore fave:

This stuff is pretty great, especially at around $9 a tube at any drugstore!  It's glossy, VERY black, non-clumping, easy to apply and lasts all day without flaking.  It has a small, comb like brush that coats lashes individually with zero clumping. If you need volume for sparse lashes, this is just meh...this is better for just giving lashes you've already got a nice, black glossy finish....all at a reasonable price.  Considering you should switch out your mascara every 3-6 months for safety and cleanliness reasons, this is pretty appealing!  Overall grade: A-
Here's my second current fave:
                                              Benefit's "They're REAL!" Mascara in Black
This is more of a prestige brand, and at $23 a tube, more of a prestige price.  I am LOVING this mascara!  Again, glossy, very black, lasts all day, etc.  But this one has more VOLUME and really adds fullness to your lashes.  The brush coats each lash and the little ball on the end helps with tiny bottom lashes.  Definitely my choice for a night out when I want more of a dramatic look.  Does it really look like false lashes...no, but it creates pretty nice real lashes!  At Ulta, Sephora and other beauty retailers that sell Benefit cosmetics.  I am a bit of a sucker for clever marketing too!  Overall Grade: A

Bottom line?  If you have a prestige mascara that you love and works for you, by all means...buy it!  The various brushes work better on different eye types, so when you find one that works, it's the Holy Grail.  Having said that, don't think that mascara is a category where you absolutely have to pony up bucks.....drugstore brands are very, very similar and can produce great results at an affordable price.  Which one will you choose?  What's your favorite?  Let's all LASH OUT!
PS....anyone get my Seinfeld reference in the title?!?!  I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with lashes......
Have a great day....see you soon!  J


  1. Ha ha, love that Seinfeld reference!

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