Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hire a Professional Makeup Artist? DIY? Tips for Both - (Featured on Tami Winn Events Blog)

When Tami Winn Events contacted me and asked for a blog interview, I was more than happy to help!  I LOVE tips and tricks myself, and I'm pretty sure most people love to learn a lil' something new themselves.  In case you're not familiar, Tami Winn and her staff are well known wedding and event specialists here in Fort Worth, TX....they create fantasy environments and lush florals for many exclusive weddings in the area!  They ROCK.  Attention to detail, amazing taste...these girls know what they're doing.  I have worked with Jamie and Tami on weddings, of course and I actually did Tami's own makeup for the 360West "Planners" Photo shoot for the Spring issue.The girl's got GREAT skin and a fabulous smile! (See pic at right....Photo courtesy of Tracy
Autem Photography...check out the article for full list of credits from this incredible "Vanity Fair" style shoot!)

For the interview, they wanted to share with their followers a discussion about hiring a professional vs. DIY makeup, and tips for both.  Wedding planners know all too well how great makeup can make....or break...your otherwise perfect wedding, that's for sure!

TWE agrees with me on this should hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding!  Once we covered that topic, they wanted to know for brides who don't hire a professional, what are some basic tips (we'll get back to that in a minute).  Obviously, I'm pretty biased...I think professional makeup is crucial for weddings and special events!  Just ask someone who didn't hire a professional who wishes she had....and then ask your wedding professionals who can back this up.

Only a professional knows how to truly highlight your features to their best advantage, while applying makeup what will photograph well AND last. We know how to make you look like the most gorgeous version of yourself that you've ever's just not the same as everyday makeup, and it's worth it.  Period. As one bride recently told me "My friend who got married last didn't think makeup was important...her wedding makeup didn't look good and she doesn't like her photos...she really regrets skipping it.  I don't want that to happen, plus it's my wedding day...I want to look AMAZING in front of my new husband and all my friends and family!" That bride knew what she wanted and what was important, and on wedding day, she had zero concerns about how she'd look or if her makeup would last.  Beauty plus peace of mind!  Budget in professional hair and makeup, you won't regret it.

For total DIY brides who simply don't have the budget or insist upon doing their own?  Well, I've got advice for you as well.  First off, consider booking a LESSON with a local professional.  Not all artists teach lessons, but many do...I personally love to teach!  I am happy to book a session to go step by step with you through your makeup routine, what works, what doesn't and then show you how to do your own makeup.  Find a local artist who's work you really admire and is recommended by your other wedding professionals and start there.  Many destination brides will book me for this service if their budget doesn't allow them to take me with them.  (Insert frowny face...I'd rather go with you to Belize, but hey, we've got to be realistic...not everyone can swing that!)  Also, many, many brides will book a lesson in the months following their wedding so they can learn how to create a fab look anytime.

 If for some reason you must do your own makeup on wedding day, booking a lesson beforehand could make all the difference! If you're doing total DIY, invest in quality makeup and decent brushes....stick to rosy cheeks and lips (look good on everyone), and a classic overall look.  Learn how to apply lashes, and blend EVERYTHING.
Great products and tools are a must, plus PRACTICE.  Your makeup won't look good if you don't do run throughs to test your look.  Final tip?  Wear plenty of blush!  Blush never shows up well in photos, you need more than real life.

To read the full blog post from the interview I gave with even more tips and tricks, click here.....

Thanks again to Tami Winn Events for featuring me on their blog this week! 

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