Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good to the last drop...a fun little makeup gadget review

Isn't it annoying when you've got product left in your container and you can't get it it just goes to waste?  There's a fun little makeup gadget made just to solve this problem....Every Drop makeup spatula:

I got mine from Amazon for around $7 (free shipping with Amazon Prime), they also have it at the Container Store for about $5.  You get a little mini spatula that looks like this:

Using the same principle as a kitchen spatula, the rubberized end allows you to scrape the bottle or jar to indeed use "every last drop" of your product.  This can REALLY come in handy, particularly when you're talking about $100 eye cream, or $50 foundation, but over time, the savings can really add up when you get a couple more uses out of your product before tossing.  Considering I spend thousands and thousands on makeup each year, and go through product VERY quickly, the $5 is more than worth it! 

I used it this morning on a jar of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness (yes, you all know this is my current fave product!) This product is super pigmented and you don't need a lot of it to be effective, so using this spatula allows 2-3 more uses!

Something else to think should be using a tool to remove your product from jars and tubes so you're not introducing germs into the jar.  This is super important for makeup artists, but also important if you're the only one using your products.  Makeup artists use metal tools and spatulas for this purpose, and I have those too, but this little scraper is a nice addition...the metal tools I have are great for removing and mixing product from a full jar, but they can't grip the side of the jar like this one does.  It's a handy little thing! 

Germs, oil and bacteria all break down your cosmetics, so you want to keep your beauty goodies as pristine as possible so they apply well, perform well, and don't cause irritation.  (I LOVE products that come in tubes for this very reason, but not everything can come in a tube).  So...overall "Every Drop"'s a handy little tool that saves you money and keeps your cosmetics clean...all for less than $10...not bad.
Overall grade for value and creativity: A for a version of a spatula that's even MORE fun, the kind we all used to lick cake batter off of when we were kids!!!  Yummy.....

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