Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rules of Engagement

Wanted to share pics of two lovely and super sweet girls from the past each case, they had already booked me and we'd emailed, but the first time I met each girl was when I showed up to do their engagement makeup!  This is part of the modern age we live in....way back in the day, I had to meet with each bride in person in order to book...there really wasn't a way for them to see my work or get a feel for my personality otherwise!  Now, brides can get referrals from vendors and friends, then scope out facebook, this website and instagram to get a feel for whether we're a good fit.  So, last week, I met Ashley....she and her sweet fiancĂ© Colby had me laughing the entire time I was getting her ready to go!

Ashley has big blue eyes and nice full lips...a lot to work with for sure!  I created a soft smokey eye using taupe, gray, navy and bronze (looks plum in this photo, but it's not)....this gave her lots of impact, while still using neutral colors that made her blue eyes really shine.  Neutral tones on your eyes works well for engagements, because there are usually several outfits...and FYI, it's not about MATCHING the clothes, it's about not CLASHING!  Her first outfit was this amazing fuschia dress that you can see in the "after" was stunning!  When she looked in the mirror when I was done (my favorite moment of  makeup artistry, by the way), she LOVED the look...she felt glamorous, but still like herself.  I dubbed her "Sophisticated Barbie"!  I know her engagements are going to turn out great, those two were having so much fun.

Yesterday, I finally got to meet Aimee, a May bride who seriously has some of the best skin I've seen in a while!  It was a last minute appointment, but it all came together and we chatted like we've known each other forever....
Since Aimee was wearing mostly neutral outfits for her engagement shoot, I decided to highlight her gorgeous hazel/green eyes with shades of soft plum...nothing makes green eyes pop more! She said she feels like whenever she does eyemakeup herself, her eyes look smaller...I showed her how really blended eyeshadow, plus fluttery, yet realistic lashes actually make her eyes look HUGE.....and really lovely.  Aimee is a great example of someone who looks pretty great with a bare face and truth be told, most days she does a little mascara and a little gloss and that's it.  For your wedding and when you're having your picture taken, you just need a bit more. She was happy to still look like herself, but just an amplified, more "special" version....perfect for engagement pics that will photograph really well.  I didn't get to meet her sweet fiancĂ© this time, but boy did her face light up when she talked about him!

Not every bride does an engagement shoot, but it is a great way to get to know your photographer, to capture the fun, lovey-dovey beginning of your new life together as a couple and try out your makeup look so you know how it will photograph.  This is helpful when you do your bridals and for wedding day so there are no surprises, especially if you're not a big makeup person ordinarily! 

I'm out of town for a few days and probably won't be able to blog, but be sure to check out facebook, instagram and twitter for daily before/after posts!  See you soon....JT

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