Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring is here! (AKA, Can I stop sneezing long enough to write this post?!?)

I live in Fort Worth, TX...
I don't know what's in the air where you live, but here....wowza, we have all kinds of major pollen inducing plants and trees!  Allergies are MAJOR, especially in spring and boom...I've got 'em.  I've probably sneezed 100 times this morning alone!  (Thank God for Puff's Plus...this is NOT the time for cheap, store brand tissue....)

So, how's a glam girl gonna look put together in allergy season?  Watery eyes, sneezing, puffy eyes.....none of it feels attractive.  Kind of like having a non-stop cold, right?  Well, here are a couple of tips I've put together for you to combat seasonal allergies, and yes....the same tips will work for cold/flu season as well!

1. GET THE GOOD KLEENEX.  No joke, the softer the tissue you can get, the less redness and chapping you'll have on your nose.  Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way so you don't have to!  Spring for the Puffs Plus with lotion.  You're welcome.

2. Moisturize more than night, coat your nose with moisturizer, or if it's really chapped, petroleum jelly.  You want to avoid the rough and flaky skin that is really tough to cover with makeup.

3. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness.  You. MUST. GET.  This stuff is genius, and you'll see I mention it at lot on my Instagram and facebook posts.  It's highly pigmented and has a tiny bit of green to magically cover redness.  It only comes in one color and believe it or not, that shade works for most people!  If it's too light for you, use a bit to cover redness and then use your regular foundation on top...redness, gone.  No lie, probably the #1 product in my kit right now!

4. If your eyes are red and puffy, or allergies are causing dark circles, a great trick is to do a smoky eye!  Sounds like the exact thing you shouldn't do, but it actually works.  Make it look like that darkness is INTENTIONAL!  Use soft shades of gray or navy or neutral taupes...stay away from plums or warm browns that could bring out redness even more.  Blend well, add liner on upper and lower lids (on lower lid, liner on your waterline and use shadow buffed in with a small brush below that for a soft look) and you'll look sophisticated, not tired and puffy.  Try it, it works!

Good luck ladies!  I hope these tricks make you feel prettier as you stop to smell the roses....and then sneeze. Achooooo!!!!!

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