Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Drugstore Beauty Favorites!

I attended a vendor open house earlier this week at the Orchard, a venue that refers me all the time...thanks guys!  It's a lovely venue out in the country that actually sits on guessed it...a pecan orchard.  When I attend an open house, I like to offer a fun giveaway that brides can sign up for....this time, I decided to create a goodie bag with 5  of my top drugstore beauty favorites!  Five products you can find at any Walgreen's, CVS or Target and run $15 or less (one is only $1!)...all affordable, yet effective.  Great products to mix in with more expensive skin care and cosmetics that you already love.  All the brides were excited to discover a new product that wouldn't break the bank! 

Want the lowdown on the fun stuff I included in this goodie bag?  Here ya go.....maybe you'll discover a new favorite!

 Garnier  The Refreshing Remover Wipes
As the name implies, they smell fresh and clean!  They run about $6 a pack and they remove all of your makeup with one sheet….even mascara and eyeliner...all without leaving any oily residue.  They are oil-free, safe to use with eyelash extensions and leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and soft.  Great to keep in your nightstand for nights when you are too tired to do your whole skin care routine, but still want to go to bed with a clean face!  I keep some in my purse too…they are great for removing any makeup stains on your clothes and in a pinch, can be used to cleanse your hands too. I love them….

These run about $1 a piece…seriously! The low price allows me to buy several that I use for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a tiny concealer brush for undereye circles or to cover blemishes…simply dot on and blend.  It’s a great lip brush, and applies lipstick easily for a clean line.  It can also be used to apply powder eyeshadow as liner (a fave trick of mine) on upper and lower lashlines, or it can be used with gel liner for a precise application.  It has synthetic bristles, so you can wash with soap and water to keep it clean…a little Dawn liquid is also great to remove creamy products like concealer.

These run about $11 each and are one of my eyeshadow staples!  They rival brushes that cost 3 times as much, but since they are affordable, I have 4 or 5 of them to supplement my more expensive blending brushes. This is a medium size shadow brush that has a dense, yet soft head with a rounded top…excellent for applying color and blending.  Clean with brush cleaner daily.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipbalm/Stain in Honey

Costs about $9 and is a great all around lip color.  Applies easily, like a big crayon….it applies subtle color that isn’t too glossy, and has a stain like pigment, so it lasts.  The Honey color is a soft nude pink that looks very natural and works on nearly everyone.  A great product for moms or any busy woman on the go....lipcolor and balm in one step!


An excellent mascara that rivals brands that cost 3 times as much!  This is around $10…the formula is a glossy, VERY black one that applies smoothly with no clumping.  Doesn’t provide tons of volume, but it does create glossy black lashes that don’t look spidery.  One of my favorite mascaras!

And the lucky winner was.....Nikola H.!  I will be sending her these drugstore goodies next week.  If you follow me here, on Facebook or Instagram, then you know I spend a ton on cosmetics and love prestige brands, but why spend a fortune if you don't have to?  Much like great fashion, a high-low mix suits me well.....and I've already done the product testing so you don't have to!  What are some of YOUR favorite drugstore beauty finds?

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