Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning with Lip Service - Group Makeup Classes!

I love doing makeup on people....creating looks for photo shoots, wearable looks for headshots, and of course, dreamy bridal makeup.  I also throw in a few tips and tricks and am happy to answer questions, but my main goal is to create the gorgeousness.  Sometimes, women get a taste and want to know more, and that's the perfect time to book a makeup class!  Unlike a wedding or special even, the whole purpose of a class is to slow down and teach you step by step...whatever you want to learn about makeup.  Over the years I've done group lessons for groups of teens who want to learn Makeup 101, for 20-somethings entering the work force and wanting to polish up their look, for 40-somethings who need an name it!  I've even taught an entire high school dance team, as well as a regional section of a beauty company that specializes in skin care...I taught their consultants makeup 101 to enable them to sell their color cosmetics in a knowledgeable way. Each class is custom designed, and includes handouts with notes and tips for each participant to take home.

 I taught a class a few months ago for several wedding professionals....I just love this pic someone snapped of everyone taking selfies near the end of class!
Love those smiles!
After seeing my work at weddings and on social media...they decided they wanted to take a little time for themselves and have fun while learning some tricks they could apply to their own beauty routines! We had snacks and wine, and each girl brought her own cosmetics from home for practice with while I was teaching.  I like it when people bring their own cosmetics because they can ask me questions about shades and formulas of what they're using...especially important if they aren't getting good results with what they have.  I usually have one or two volunteers sit in my chair so I can teach step by step this case, part one of the class focused on how to create flawless skin and using subtle highlight and contour techniques to sculpt the face....
Notice, it's SUBTLE highlight and contour?  That's the key...very blended, very wearable, and you can learn to do it yourself with the right tools, products and instruction.  I'd like to add, the next time I saw Stacey (our model above) at a party, her makeup looked FABULOUS!  Love that....
I taught another group class recently...this one was a gift from a venue coordinator to her friends and family.  I taught makeup 101 for the first section, and then led into "The Smoky Eye Demystified", one of my favorite topics!  There are so many ways to do a smoky eye, from classic to extreme...let's face it, it's a trend that is no longer a's a look that's here to stay!  Just check out my lovely volunteer for this one:
Heidi could not believe how glamorous she looked, and was amazed at how the plum shadows brought out the unique gold/green hue in her eyes!  With the balance of softer cheeks and lips, this look is not at all goth, but very sophisticated...this look would be perfect for a black tie event or special night out that called for amped up glamour.  Note - I bumped into her husband just last week and he STILL is raving about how hot she looked!  So fun, and this class really inspired everyone to look at their "inner goddess" and realize...she's in there, and just needs to be coaxed out from time to time.
My most recent class was just two weeks ago...about 50 ladies in a church group had a spa night with snacks, chick flicks, massages, manicures and makeup...what a great idea!  I was set up in a room and taught three different topics, and the ladies could choose and rotate through.  The most popular section was "Is your Makeup Aging You?  Makeup for over 35....".  These ladies were very open minded and were really anxious to update their look and makeup routines.  Many told me that they hadn't updated their look in 10+ years, or just stopped wearing makeup years ago and lost touch with  their beauty routine.  After talking about the absolute need for primer and insisting everyone toss their brown lipsticks, I used this ginger (love redheads!!) volunteer to demonstrate a great balance of a natural look that still has polish, while avoiding typically aging traps....
 I loved this look!  So many times women think that any makeup at all is just too heavy and this is great proof that well chosen products in the right colors can make you look naturally gorgeous.  Would you guess this volunteer is in her 40s?  With the right makeup, age truly is just a number....she just looks fresh and pretty...period. 
Do you have a group that would love to learn some makeup tips and tricks?  Lip Service classes are fun and relaxed....and I'm very patient with questions!  Finally, you can find out all the things you want to know about makeup.  I use a realistic mix of  specialty high end brands as well as drugstore finds, so you can be inspired to try new products yourself regardless of your budget.  I don't sell or represent any brands, but I am happy to share with you the makeup, tools and products that I've extensively tested and used on my clients with great results...cosmetics that WORK...and I'll show you exactly how to apply them yourself at home!

Classes are priced according to number of participants, length of the class and what topics you want to cover and are scheduled by appointment only.  Contact me through the "ready to chat?" page on, email me at, or call me at 972-345-0655.  This is class you definitely won't want to skip, and everyone gets an A!

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