Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's Hear it For the Moms! Mom Makeovers.....

If you follow my page, you'll see occasional mom photos sprinkled in with brides and models.  Why?  A couple of reasons....
I want moms who are scoping out my work to see images tailored just to THEM...fresh, pretty makeup that looks great on women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.  If I only show 22 year olds, it's hard for that mom to wrap her brain around appropriate makeup for the more mature woman, so I want to be sure there are some great examples available!  Sometimes the moms truly are the best makeovers....the change can be subtle, or astounding.  Depending on their situation, many haven't updated their look in a while, or have spent so much time focusing on their kids...and their daughter's wedding, that they really haven't had time to spend on themselves.  Why shouldn't the mamas look great on wedding day too?  They DESERVE it. Often they are running around helping you make arrangements, possibly paying big bucks for wedding your wedding is a big day for them as well!  Friends, family, tons of me, your mom will be a lot less stressed with fabulous makeup helping her to feel beautiful and confident.  Here are a few of my favorite wedding day  "mom makeovers" from recent months:

Aren't they gorgeous?!?!  I loved being able to help these moms feel like the best version of themselves for such a special occasion...there is truly nothing like that big smile and hug when they look in the mirror when I'm done!  I just love it. So, if you're getting married, be sure to ask your mom if she wants to be included in the makeup service part of the day...if she hasn't thought about it already, she'll be happy you asked!

I hope all the moms, aunties, grandmas, stepmoms and special ladies who take care of and love children have a fabulous Mother's Day with all the pampering you deserve! 

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