Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Surprise Prom for Ashley - Mascara alert!

Don't have a lot of time, but I HAVE to take a second to tell you about this....
I did prom makeup for a super sweet girl named Amanda just a few weeks ago.  Her mom reached out and told me that Amanda's friend Ashley had been very ill, in and out of the hospital nonstop, missing tons of school and missed her own senior prom.  Turns out Amanda had contacted the local radio station (Kiss 106.1FM Dallas/Fort Worth, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show) and they jumped up and offered to hold a special prom...just for Ashley!  They wanted to know if I could do the makeup.  Are you kidding?!?!  I was honored to be asked, and so excited to have even a tiny part of this wonderful surprise.

I called up my dear friend Renn Traylor to assist with hair, we set an appointment for them to come by...ready to go!  Ashley, her mom Michelle and stepdad Rodney showed up and right away, I could tell Ashley wasn't feeling so great...she arrived in a wheelchair and walked very slowly up the stairs, she's suffering from major vertigo and weakness.  Ashley thought she has having hair and makeup done for a prom-style photo shoot, she had NO IDEA what was really in store!  Here is a pic of Ashley "before"

Totally adorable, even without a stich of makeup, right?  She asked me to fix up her brows and create a sophisticated bronze smoky eye for her.  Plus...she wanted to "not look sick"....just pretty! I got to work on this gorgeous face and here's the results!

You know what I see, so much more than the makeup?  The SMILE.  Look at that!  That is the best part of what I do!  When she looked in the mirror, she teared up and said "this is better than I ever imagined" and hugged me super tight.  I just melted into a puddle....humbled and happy to be able to give her that feeling of confidence.  Renn did her hair and her mood just kept climbing....she kept saying "wow, I look GOOD!" as we shared winks amongst ourselves.  Renn created a red carpet ready updo, Ashley got into her dress and we snapped a quick pic with her before she left....
She had a photography session at the Fort Worth Water Gardens nearby....gorgeous!  (I need to find out who the photographer is, so I can give credit!)

Then, she was whisked away to the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth for the big surprise!  Here are just a few pics that her mom and friends posted...don't you just love the look on her face?!?!  She found a complete prom, just for her...including her closest friends, lovely d├ęcor, a photo booth, a DJ, seated dinner and.....her boyfriend, who the station flew in just for the occasion!

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show cast greets Ashley...she's so surprised!

Ashley was surprise to see Jeshua, her boyfriend who was flown in as another surprise!

Ashley having a blast on the dance floor!

With Kellie, J-Si and Jenna from Kidd Kraddick in the morning

Ashley's mom Michelle, Kellie, J-Si, Ashley, Jeshua and Jenna
I've been a fan and listener of Kiss 106.1 and the Kidd Kraddick Show for years and years, I just love these guys even more for stepping up to help with this. Isn't it nice to know how people will jump in and do something so wonderful for someone else?  For more details, check out this Youtube video....

I hope Ashley's story touched you as much as it did me.  In the short time I've spent with them, I already felt like I've known this family forever, and I can't wait to see the next chapter of Ashley's life as it unfolds.  She's already weathered some pretty tough times, but she's got such a sunny outlook!  So many wonderful people contributed to this event, Birds of a Feather Events, the Omni Hotel Fort Worth, Lacey and the staff of Kidd Kraddick, plus a ton more....I wish I had a complete list of everyone who helped, if I did, I'd list them all here.  Kudos to all of those people, along with Ashley's friends and family who truly gave her a night she'll never forget!

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