Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get the Inside Scoop - Lip Service Makeup Featured on SHEfinds

Fun news to share!
Lip Service was featured on "SHEfinds", one of the most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs in the US!  I've read it many times to check out cool beauty launches, to see what's hot, who's wearing what...etc.

When they contacted me to get some hot weather wedding makeup tips, I had plenty to share...I am a makeup artist in TEXAS after all!  Summer weddings here are tricky....it can be in the 90s and 100s anytime from May-September, and brides all want to know how to keep their cool and ensure their makeup lasts.  Check out my tips here, along with tips from other wedding professionals (including local wedding/event guru, Donnie Brown with a warning on where to set up that gorgeous wedding cake...hint...NOT OUTDOORS!)

Can I just tell you guys...it's a really fun thing to see your work in a magazine or blog....on a platform for others to share and enjoy.   Years ago, I had no idea how to make that happen.  Honestly, I probably didn't even dare to imagine that I'd become a beauty expert for anyone other than the actual client in my chair at that moment!
Image courtesy of Tracy Autem Photography

Flash forward years and years later....after thousands of faces...brides, models, executives and even an NFL player and a couple of adorable Girl Scouts.....plus years of experience, I really do have some helpful tips to share. And...I'm definitely happy to share 'em.  Besides, I'm just like you!  I love getting new "tips" too....who doesn't love to feel like they've got the inside scoop?

 Although there's a lot out there that I've heard before, I still learn unique tips or hear about cool products all the time, whether it's from clients, other artists, magazines and of course, blog resources like SHEfinds.  If you've never checked out SHEfinds, give it a look!  Tons of great info and resources for anything beauty and fashion....all in one spot.

What beauty and fashion blogs are your favorites?  How about the coolest new beauty tip you've heard recently? Share in the comments!

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