Thursday, July 10, 2014

Regular People vs Celebrities....Nobody Rolls out of Bed Looking Perfect

Random musings today, thought I'd share....

Something I talk with clients about ALL the time, is makeup vs no it makes women feel, how insecure we can be without some women never wear it and why that is.  Celebrities always come up in these conversations. We all have our celebs we girl crush over...Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez....whoever.  "Oh, if I only looked like Katy Perry!", etc.  We see them airbrushed and photoshopped....with amazing wardrobes and impeccable lighting.  When we see them, they're usually looking their absolute best and why not?  As a celebrity, looking good is truly part of your job!  That's why they have full time trainers and makeup/hair artists on staff and spend a huge chunk of their time on beauty maintenance. As a result, many people think that celebs are somehow different than the rest of us and look perfect all the time, right?  Compare that to most of us regular peeps, who try to carve out 10 minutes each morning to look presentable before we leave the house, while juggling kids, school, part-time jobs and feeling like having a clean face and brushed teeth is half the battle. Celebs spend a ton of time and money to look fabulous because if they don't, they won't get the part, or could lose fans, or not get offered the magazine could truly hurt their career and way of life.  Regular people have other stuff to worry about, plain and simple! 

Often, magazines like this come out that touch on this very topic of discussion.....celebs with NO MAKEUP.....

Oooh.....look how so and so has zits, or someone else looks older and puffy..... or whatever.  I think we all kind of  get a thrill from seeing our favorite celebs without makeup, I know I do!  Why?  For me, it's not to be mean and judgy....I love seeing it because they look like US!  It's kind of reassuring to know that they weren't born with perfectly sculpted cheeks and permanently glossed lips.  Yep, they've got dark circles and big pores too....I like knowing that.  My goal ISN'T to pick on those celebrities who might not look as fab without makeup, but rather to illustrate how nobody...not even the famous actress or supermodel...looks glamorous without a little help.  Check out these great examples of stunning stars who look pretty much like regular folk with no makeup on:

I love these before/afters because I think these stars all look pretty cute without makeup, but instead of looking like movie stars, they look like any other woman you'd spot at the gym, Starbuck's or grocery store.  Lesson to be learned here?  If you always run around looking plain jane just because you don't think you COULD ever look glamorous....well, you're just wrong about that!  True, looking glamorous probably isn't your biggest concern in isn't mine either.  But having said that, don't give up on beauty because you look at celebs and compare yourself to them.
I've done makeup on clients who have NEVER felt pretty before...I mean, women who have truly never bothered with makeup or beauty at all.  In their minds, they're thinking "I'm just a regular person...if I can't look like Angelina Jolie, why bother?"  I know this because they flat out tell me!
So, a client is in my chair....a regular woman like me and you, NOT a celebrity. I apply their makeup for their wedding, or for a headshot, boudoir, lesson or whatever.  I hand them a mirror to take a look at the results and invariably, they tear up and can't believe what they see.  My fave response?  "Wow, I look HOT!" 
Real Makeover from cute to Supermodel! (Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Trotter)

I love when a client says that, and can truly see what I saw the minute they sat in my chair.  Just like in the makeover above....the minute I met her, I KNEW she'd look like the "after" pic...the bone structure, the eyes...I knew what the end result would look like even before I started.  I was right, she's breathtaking! The beauty was there all just took a little bit of tweaking to let it shine and take it up a notch! You don't have to be a celebrity to look gorgeous.
Everyday natural beauty is great, but when you WANT to look flat out stunning or red-carpet worthy, well...just don't be afraid to give it a might wonder what took you so long!  I'm not promising that any woman can look like Jennifer Lopez by slapping on a little bronzer...that's a bit unrealistic and we can all admit that some celebs are just genetically blessed.  But it's nice to know that when you want to, you can pull out all the stops with hair and makeup just like they do.... and feel fabulous. Even if it's just once in a while for special occasions. The potential is there for every woman, sometimes it just takes a little effort to bring out your inner star!
The takeaway? Realize that nobody rolls out of  bed looking perfect, not even our favorite celebrities!  It takes a little polish to get that "look", but being glamorous is attainable....for anyone.  The next time you're feeling blah about your looks or wish you could look like the latest "it girl" famous person, remember these celeb before afters above....remember how normal they all look au naturel, just like the rest of us.  Don't ever compare yourself to others and definitely not to super  models, singers and movie stars....just be the best YOU and work with whatever you've got, whether that's a great smile, awesome hair, or sparkling eyes. 
Go ahead, be your OWN celebrity!!  Bonus?  For those of us who aren't famous, nobody will notice or care if you run up to Starbucks in ponytail and yoga pants with a huge zit on your nose.  ; )

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