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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should get Professional Makeup for your Wedding Party.....

When I'm talking, texting or emailing with a client, bridesmaid makeup comes up often.  Many clients just know right off the bat...whole wedding party, done.  Others aren't sure and have hesitation about whether or not it's a good idea to arrange for the bridesmaids to have their makeup done too.  Speaking from YEARS of experience, I can assure is!  Here are just some of the reasons:

1. Consistency - Think of all of your friends and who will make up your wedding party.  If you're like most of us, you've got a mix of different types of girls...the edgy college friend who lives in NYC, the down to earth girl who lives in yoga pants and ponytails, the glamazon who adores makeup and won't leave the house without false lashes and full highlight/contour.  If each of these girls does their own makeup, it will look REALLY inconsistent.  Why does that matter?  A mish mash of looks draws your the MAKEUP, not to the moment and not to the bride.  The best wedding photos capture the joy, intimacy and connection of the day.....this is hard to achieve when a bridesmaid sticks out because her look is different than the rest.

2. Problem solving - Ok, so you're thinking..."yep, I DO have the one friend who never wears makeup and the other friend who wears a ton, and I don't know how to tell them that I'd like a certain "look"...awkward!"    Hire a professional artist to do your wedding party and the problem is SOLVED.  You, as the bride, can share what "look" you want your girls to have (usually a private convo before wedding day!) and then  I will take care of it for you.   Don't worry about's easy to adjust slightly for each girl!  A bit less for Natural girl, a bit more for Glam Girl....tweaks in color and placement.  It's not about looking like carbon copies of each other...each girl's individual beauty will shine through, I promise.

Peyronet Photography
3. Less Stressful...and More Fun!  Getting makeup done together should be a good time.  With all the work and pre-wedding festivities, it's nice to settle in for a day of beauty with all of your girls!  I specialize in onsite artistry, so I will come to the location of your choice...with all huge selection of high-quality pro products, a chair, a light....essentially a mobile makeup studio.  So much easier than running back and forth to a salon or juggling appointments, or worse, letting each girl figure it out for herself with mixed results.Whether it's a private home, the bridal suite at your venue or a hotel room, you can customize snacks and drinks, provide cute robes, assign someone as DJ for the day...hang out with your besties while you get beautified!  At a recent wedding, one of the girls brought several wedding themed movies....we all had a blast laughing along to "Bridesmaids" really made for a fun and relaxing day as each girl took turns getting hair and makeup.  Nothing like laughing your butt off to cure any last minute jitters!

Tracy Autem Photography

Tracy Autem Photography 

4. Better Photos and Video - Ask any photographer or videographer and they will tell you....great makeup for everyone results in BETTER PHOTOS.  I know how to apply makeup to truly enhance everyone's that will look good in person AND in photographs...and most importantly, I use primers/sealers and special techniques to ensure it will last all night.  This means that you and your girls will all look stunning, FEEL gorgeous and your pictures and video will all be about the love and capturing fun and silly moments of the ceremony and reception.    Your eye can focus on the bride (yay!) and the memories, not the bridesmaid with bright orange lipstick (yes, I've really had this happen).  Short story? When everyone has on long-lasting makeup applied properly in a flattering color palette, you and your girls will look....and feel amazing!  That really comes through in photos and video....

Brass tacks moment...Who picks up the tab?  Do you or your family?  Do the girls?  In most cases, the bride or bride's family picks up the entire makeup tab, however it's perfectly acceptable to ask your girls to chip in to defray part of the cost if budget is an issue. Some brides pick up half the cost and ask their girls to cover the other half....if your budget is tight, this is a great compromise so that everyone can get the makeup they deserve!  It's common to only accept payment from the bride (or bride's family) or one source, mainly because it's all pre-paid ahead of time, so do keep this in mind. If your girls are going to chip in, they'll work that out with you and then you'll pay your artist (in most cases).   In the rare occasion that one or two girls aren't sure about getting makeup, they always want it done once they've seen everyone else....better to plan ahead for a hassle-free experience on wedding day!

Just some things to think about when planning your wedding or helping a friend plan a wedding!  Your photographers, videographers and other wedding vendors know too....professional makeup is WORTH IT, and you'll be happier when you, and your girls, aren't stressed about how you look.  Want more proof?  Just check out all the stunning brides and bridesmaids on this page! 

Let's hear it for the bridesmaids!!  Your girls have been through thick and thin with you, and they will really appreciate you arranging onsite , hassle-free, gorgeous makeup for them. And whatever you do, please skip the weird Brazilian restaurant for your bridesmaid's lunch....they'll love
you even more!  ; )

What about the already married ladies reading this....did you arrange for makeup for your whole group?  Wish you had?  Why?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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