Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School Tips Part 1 - Glowing Skin for Fall!


Back to's a time of year and state of mind, even if it's been years since you actually had to attend classes, right?

I live in Texas, so the crisp, fall weather is still another month (or two!) away, but it'll come eventually, and I. Can't. WAIT! Fall is my favorite time of year...hands down.  Football, cooler temps, sweaters, boots, time to shift away from the pared down makeup and fashions from summer.   When it's cool enough to put away your maxi dresses, shorts and flip flops, it's also time to switch up your skin care and makeup routine for fall.  Here's part 1 of my "Back To School" tips.....let's start with skin care and foundation:
Don't skip sunscreen in the fall!
Cooler temps can fool you into thinking you're not getting sun, but the risk of exposure is the same, in fact you might even get more sun because you don't feel like you're baking when outside.  Back to school (for kids and grownups!) can mean weekend football tailgates and endless hours watching kids play outdoor fall sports outside. 
Make sunscreen a daily part of your fall routine so you're protected all year long...your skin will thank you!  Let me throw in my #1 skin mantra, which is "It's MUCH easier to prevent damage and aging then to fix it later!"  Sunscreen is infinitely more affordable than plastic surgery, botox, fillers and other things you'll be researching later if you don't take care of your skin now. I like mist on formulas, like this one from Neutrogena....easy to apply, and not sticky! (Look for a future post on perils of skin cancer....that's a whole 'nother topic to cover!)

Freckle Control
If you did get a lot of sun over the summer, you might be sporting some major freckles this fall. All of a sudden, your foundation shade doesn't work! 

Try this easy trick: buy two shades of that matches your base color of skin and one that matches the tone of your freckles. (L'Oreal True Match has a great color range and is affordable). 
Mix a few drops of the darker one into the lighter one to create your own custom mid-range shade and apply lightly with a dampened sponge (like a beauty blender sponge).  This technique takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, it will blur your freckles a bit without looking too heavy.  As the fall/winter progresses and your freckles fade, you can continue custom mixing our foundation to match the current shade of your skin.  This same technique works for tanned skin that gets more pale as fall and winter wear on,  just have your darkest shade and lightest shade handy, and mix a few drops of each.  Learning to be a "foundation mixologist" means you'll always have the perfect shade ready to go, no matter the season!
Time to Amp up the Moisture!
Fall weather means cooler temps and indoor heating...your skin will produce less oil and might feel a bit dry.  Double up your need to moisturize if you've been swimming and out in the sun a lot the past few months!  This is a great time to add in moisturizer and lip balm (like Chapstick Hydration current fave balm) 

to your daily routine if you're not already doing it....dry skin and chapped lips aren't cute...any time of year.  If you're already in a rush to get out the door in the morning, layer on moisturizer and lip balm at night before bed.  Oily skinned girls?  Yep, you too!  Just use a lighter, oil-free formulation.

Fall is all about crisp air, football, back to school...and a beautiful, polished you.  Follow these perfect for any season beauty tips and the school gossip this fall will be all about how gorgeous you are! 

How do you make the "switch" from your summer beauty routine to fall?  Post in the comments below, and be sure to check back next week for Part Two....Color Cosmetics!

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