Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rock it Like a Redhead!

When the popular blog "How to Be a Redhead" asked me to contribute to a feature article on favorite makeup tips for redheads, I was beyond excited!

 I LOVE redheads....I'm an auburn girl myself, and would love to go MORE red, I'm just afraid to screw it up! ( I do my own color)  So for now, I keep it goof-proof by choosing a shade that is spot on with my natural one.  At some point, don't be surprised if I wind up with a shade like Emma Stone rocked earlier this it!
Emma Stone - Movie Star style!  Flawless skin, major lashes and bold coral red lip

Redheads are unique in so many ways....did you know that only 1-2% of the population are natural gingers?  The rest are probably paying a great colorist....and often, because red shades are known to fade quickly and require the most upkeep.  Gingers also don't go grey....their red gradually fades to softer shades of peach and then eventually turns white.  Most natural redheads are born with brown or hazel/green hair with blue eyes (both recessive genes) is the rarest combination of all.  Makeup on redheads isn't as tricky as you think, as many old-wives tales just aren't true....and yes, a redhead can DEFINITELY rock a red lip, as show in Emma's pic above!  The colors I choose have more to do with the specific shade of their hair, the freckle situation and personal style.  Here are just a few redhead makeovers I've done in the past few months....

Naturally pretty - lightly defined taupe eyes, peachy pink cheeks and  pinky nude lips

Ginger Mama of the Bride - Lilac and plum on eyes, flirty lashes, peaches and cream skin, medium pink cheeks and lips

Sophisticated Bridesmaid - Smoky eye in shades of navy and plum, aubergine liner, lashes and plenty of liner, rosy cheeks and lips

Professionally gorgeous - tawny shades on eyes, defined hunter green liner, ginger peach cheeks and lips

Sultry, but natural - fresh looking skin, black lashes, lightly defined eyes, rosy cheeks and lips

Old Hollywood Glam - Major lashes and black liner, flawless skin, defined brows and bold blue/red lip

Everyday polish - flawless skin, neutral eye, medium pink lips

Natural bride...fresh skin, taupe shadow, flirty lashes, pinky/nude lips

Fiery Bridesmaid - Soft smoky eye in shades of coffee and plum, rosy cheeks and lips

Glam Bride - Beige gold eye, major lashes and liner, defined brows, bold fuschia/red lip

From fiery red to soft strawberry shades, these ladies are all rockin' variations on the ginger look!  Notice the makeup ranges from soft and natural, to a sultry smoky eye to a bold red lip and everything in between?  There are even more options, these are just a few redhead pics I could grab quickly from my digital stash.  There are a lot of makeup choices for flame-haired beauties, but I do have some favorite "go-to's for redheaded girls.  If you're a redhead, you've GOT to check out "How to Be A Redhead"'s a super fun blog with all sorts of fun tips, including my top 7 makeup products that are fabulous on redheads!  Plus you can buy t-shirts like this......

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