Wednesday, September 24, 2014

26 Beauty your own Beauty MacGyver!

Do you love a good "Beauty Hack" as much as I do?  Maybe you're asking...what in the world is a beauty hack?  For those who don't know, a beauty hack is a new and unexpected way to use a
product...usually when you're in a pinch or out of whatever you would traditionally use.  Example?  I wear red lipstick daily and somehow that darn red lipstick tends to get on everything....especially a light colored jacket or blouse.  When that happens, I whip out a makeup wipe (I love these by Garnier) instead of a Tide pen or Shout Wipe.

Why? The makeup wipes are dual purpose AND cheaper then Shout Wipes, plus they are specifically formulated to remove makeup and work beautifully!  I keep a pack in my purse at all times for makeup touch ups, clothing fixes, even a quick hand wash if I can't get to a sink.  I've used them to get makeup off my steering wheel, my office phone....oh, and yes, I've even used one to get chocolate off one of my nephews when the baby wipe container was empty.  That, my friends, is a great beauty product hack...making something work for a bunch of things that it wasn't necessarily intended for.  Multi-purpose items are at the core of a hack, that's for sure!  Another hack I've been doing for years?  If my hair is a little frizzy and I don't have hair serum handy, I'll use just a bit of body lotion to tame the mane....bonus points if the lotion smells yummy.
 One more?  Baby Shampoo...the original kind. Sure, you can wash your kiddo's hair with it, but what else can you do?  In a pinch, wash your face, use as shower gel AND wash your makeup brushes.  Need to rinse out your undies? Baby shampoo makes a great lingerie soak, which is especially helpful in hotels away from home, One of the best uses.... remove your eye makeup, even mascara...with no irritation and no tears!  The gentle formula and PH balance make it ideal for a number of uses.

So, we're just barely scratching the surface....ready for a BUNCH of hacks? Check out this article from the editors at Allure Magazine...if anyone knows beauty, these ladies do.  There are 26 tips here...some you may have heard of, some might be new....some you may have been doing for years and didn't realize anyone else knew about!

What about you...are you a "Beauty MacGyver" when it comes to re-purposing beauty products?  Share your favorite makeup or beauty hack below in the comments!

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