Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smart Barre Studios - Commercial Shoot

If you're a follower of Lip Service, then you know I do weddings...a LOT of weddings!  I adore working with brides and getting to be a part of their special's very fulfilling to help someone feel truly beautiful on one of the most important days in their lives.  But...that's actually NOT how I got my start as a makeup artist! (Need a little backstory?  Click here....)  I started out as on-air talent filming commercials and video productions, and then starting doing makeup behind the camera. Over the years, I added wedding makeup, boudoir, business headshots and lessons to my list of services, but I also love doing tv/film, and print work for magazines.

When I get the chance to get back to my "commercial roots" I always enjoy the opportunity to work with the production team and see the client's project come to life.  It's challenging, but in a fun way that keeps me on my toes, so keep checking back as I start catching up and posting about other commercial projects I've done this year!

This particular shoot was for Smart Barre Studios, based right here in Fort Worth, TX, with 4 local locations and 1 in San Antonio.  If you're not familiar, Smart Barre is a unique combination of ballet/yoga/stretching that lengthens your muscles while toning your body.  Want that lean dancer's body look?  This is how you get it!  All of the instructors have a background in dance, but you don't need to be a dancer to take a class, they assured me. Founder Allison Poston (yep, former ballerina!) contacted me about doing a shoot a few months ago, because they needed updated images for their website.
Making up Kristi, co-owner of Cityview Location

Before/After of Erin, one of the instructors

The makeup had to be light and very natural, but skin needed to look good on film and of course, all of the instructors wanted to look pretty! The goal is for each woman to look naturally beautiful, while looking like they aren't really wearing makeup, like Kristi, Erin and Renn, shown here.  I got started on makeup while Renn Traylor (also a part-time Smart Barre instructor) got started on natural updo's and ponytails that were polished, but simple.  Check it...another fun fact about this shoot?  One of my already booked brides (we're both named Jen and both from Wisconsin too!) also happens to be a part-time Smart Barre instructor, so I got to meet her at this shoot, and then I did her wedding makeup just a few weeks later!  Major "what a small world" kinda day.. gotta love it.
Polished, yet natural looks were perfect for this shoot!

After all the girls were ready to go, it was lights, camera, ACTION! This shoot was a real workout for all the ladies, as they demonstrated move after move for the camera...sometimes holding each position for several minutes.  The end results?  Stunning!  I'm sure their muscles were a little sore, but the results were worth it...scroll down to see gorgeous images that show the Smart Barre workout in action.

Super talented commercial photographer Jason Kindig really captured the beauty and strength of the instructors, don't you think?  Check out some of the final images below and if you're inspired to take a class, contact Smart Barre!  No tutu required...promise.

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