Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Number One Mistake Brown-Eyed girls Make When Choosing Eye Shadow.....(SheFinds Feature)

Brown-eyed girl....if you've got deep, chocolate hued eyes, you should LOVE them.  I mean, after all, there's a hit song written about you!  And, you're in luck...almost (ALMOST) any color eye shadow works against your eye shade.  But so often, I meet brown-eyed girls who are making a big mistake with their eye makeup and they don't even realize it....

So what is it?

Don't Wear a Matte, Brown Eye shadow that Matches your eyes!!!

Seriously, it's the only color that really does nothing for you. Let's dig into that, and look at a few quick tips for brown-eyed girls:

Choose Neutrals other than Basic Brown - Brown is literally one of the only shades that doesn't
work for you! Often, brown-eyed girls think that brown will look the most natural, but on brown eyes, matching shadow looks flat and dull. Experiment with other neutral choices, such as bronze or taupe (brown eyed girls with lighter skin), or gold, champagne or silver (brown eyed girls with deep skin tones). If you like a natural look, you can also try soft, matte shadows in gray, blush or warm ginger tones...they all look awesome on brown eyes!
Pick Shadows with Subtle Shimmer - Subtle shimmer (not glitter!) in shades of silver, champagne, bronze and taupe all contrast against the depth of your eye color....and really light it up!  Shimmery shadows are easy to blend and help you keep it simple...you can use one color blended well and presto, you're done. Play with it to find the most flattering formula for you....don't just always reach for safe, matte shades.

Try a Pop of Color - If you have brown eyes and want a pop of color, try a deep forest green, a rich plum or
even a deep cobalt or navy....all look incredible on brown eyes!  If you have brown hair and brown eyes, you can really pull off bold color...don't be afraid of it!

Don't Always go for Black Liner -  Black can look blah on you, especially if your eyes are really dark...so consider liner in shades besides black. Start with a deep charcoal or navy instead, your eyes will really glow!  If you have darker skin, work with contrast of dark eyes and dark skin...use lighter shades of silver and gold to light up your eyes.

Warm Up Your Skin - One of the biggest mistake brown-eyed girls make? Keeping your lip/cheek colors in the beige/brown family....not the most flattering on you, especially if you're pale!  If you're a brown-eyed brunette with lighter skin, don't forget rosy or peachy tones for cheeks and lips or you'll risk looking really washed out. If you're a Brunette or Blonde with brown eyes and deep, golden skin tones? You can play with warm caramel tones and golds...the bronze goddess look works well on on this combo.  Brown-eyed Blonde?  Experiment...a variety of color palettes can work on you depending on your skin tone.

Glossy Black Mascara Always works - Plenty of mascara, lash extensions or false lashes definitely work on you....it'll create balance with the deep tones in your eye shade.

Are you a brown-eyed girl?  What shadows do YOU love to play up your eyes?  

Be sure to click here to read more...some of the tips and tricks in this article were feature recently on popular beauty blog SheFinds!

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  1. I just love this awesome mistakes list, some of these great products i use too! I like everything about fashion and makeup and style for girls!