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Should you Wear Foundation When it's Hot and Humid? (SheFinds Feature!)

I live in Texas y'all...
In case you've been living under a rock, then you know it gets HOT here....we often endure temps of 90 and up six months out of the year, and yes, that includes September!  Sometimes you just can't stay in AC...outdoor concerts, weddings, a photo shoot, or even just running around during the day...women are constantly asking me how they can look polished even when it's sticky and miserable weather.
So...the question really is:

Should I wear foundation when it's hot and humid?
Photo credit: Chelsea Crockett
How can I apply my foundation so it doesn't have a complete meltdown?

You CAN wear foundation when it's hot and humid, but you need to make a few adjustments from your cool weather routine for best results.  Here are my favorite tips as profiled in SheFinds!

If it's a casual occasion and your skin is looking good?

Start with a mattifying primer, add a bit of concealer on dark circles and any red spots.....go ahead and skip a full face of foundation.  Add waterproof mascara, a fun lipcolor and a bit of bronzer and work a carefree natural look!

If you need/want a full face/full coverage look despite soaring temps, here's your plan of action:
Cleanse well, and use a light, water gel formula moisturizer (I like Garnier's versions), save the ultra-creamy moisturizers for nightime during summer months.

- Apply a mattifying gel (I like Benefit Porefessional Mattifying gel or Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer) to prep skin and keep oil at bay.

- Dot on a highly pigmented cream foundation or even a concealer that matches your skin and has a slightly drier texture (you can use less product!) with a foundation brush, focus on dark circles, blotchy areas,
shadows around your mouth.  Blend with a slightly damp beauty blender...skip using your fingers, they can add extra oil.  Use as little foundation as you can to achieve the
coverage you need to avoid a total meltdown!  (I use RCMA, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness and Laura Mercier concealer)

Set foundation with a very finely milled setting powder (I like Cover FX or Laura Mercier) buffed on lightly using a
large, fluffy brush.

Take your dampened beauty blender and lightly press all over your face....this avoids a powdery look and helps to ensure your foundation is set.

- Final step?  A light misting of setting spray to lock everything into place....I like Urban Decay "All Nighter".

I don't recommend powder foundations for anything other than an easy mid-day touch up....., it's much easier to achieve natural looking coverage using liquid or cream products (sparingly!) and set with setting powder.

If you do get really hot and sweaty, remember these tips:

NEVER add powder to wet or sweaty'll look pasty and muddy!

BLOT - use a paper towel (My fave?  Viva! They have a soft, cloth-like texture that absorbs like crazy)  to gently blot moisture off your face and don't wipe...the combination of sweat/water
and wiping will ruin your makeup!  Blot gently, and it'll stay intact.

REMOVE OIL - Once you've blotted excess sweat, THEN blot oil using a oil blot sheet (I like Clean and Clear) to blot oil instead of adding powder.

Sometimes you just can't skip a full face of makeup even when it's super hot and humid.  Follow these steps and you'll look great, regardless of the temps!

(Thanks again to SheFinds for using my comments in their feature!  Click here to read these tips, plus so many other helpful beauty and lifestyle tips on SheFinds!)

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