Infusing the industrial trend into bridal beauty (As featured on Brides)

The Industrial Trend is concrete and brick, Edison bulbs, warehouse venues, themes based around pared down simplicity with a bit of an edge. A welcome change from Boho/rustic vibe that has dominated the wedding scene for so many years! Recently, BRIDES asked me to share my thoughts on how to infuse the industrial vibe into bridal beauty choices...I love the look, so I was excited to share my thoughts! (Side note: In case you didn't know, when I'm not makeup-ing, I write about beauty and weddings for several magazines....sometimes full articles, sometimes just a sentence or two. I'm BEYOND pumped to be featured with BRIDES, but even more over the moon that they added an image of my actual work to go along with my content....that's rare!)  They included a few of my suggestions here, and keep reading below for the full article on ways to (realistically!) capture the industrial vibe without being too trendy or over the top......


Industrial Makeup


The Tarnos

Think dark, moody and romantic.  It can still be pretty, but anything too light, bright or delicate won't look right! Subtle choices make all the difference....

My favorite palette for an industrial theme is a softly blended smoky eye in shades of gunmetal, shimmery taupe or burgundy browns (all options work on any eye color or skin tone), paired with flawless, pale skin (barely flushed cheeks) and a deep lip in oxblood or mulberry shades.



Jeff Brummett Visuals

Shadows should be dark, but impeccably harsh edges. Skip traditional liner....especially a graphic wing, it has the wrong feel. Instead use charcoal, coffee, or black waterproof gel liner to tightline upper and lower lashlines, and then buff in some charcoal or smoky black shadow to soften it.  A smoky eye can overpower a traditional bridal look, but's perfection! Fluttery lashes look fabulous, but be sure to choose demi-wispy styles, or tons of ultra-long Kardashian-esque lash with a uniform look isn't organic enough.  Go for a lush, full look with natural your own lashes, but with a lot more impact!   You can alter this look by trying flawless skin, flushed cheeks, and a dark lip....but this time, do a barely there eye....just a tiny bit of shadow for definition, but still plenty of lashes. 



Elements to skip:

Winged liner, harsh edges, tan skin/bronzer, bright spring colors, too much highlight, pale or vibrant lip colors like hot pink or red.  You might be inclined to contour, but if you it sparingly.  There's already plenty of drama with a smoky eye and a deep lip.....too much contour can add a harshness that takes this look from romantic and moody to heavy/goth in a heartbeat! 



Think undone, organic styles with a sexy edge....

Start with dry shampoo or root texturizing powder to provide volume and grab, and prevent hair from looking too perfect and shiny.  If you have long, thick hair, a deconstructed fishtail braid is tailor made for the industrial should be pulled apart and slightly messy. Loose chignons work well....again, go for an undone look with loose tendrils.  There shouldn't be obvious curls or precise placement, and hair at the crown should have plenty of height and texture. A pompadour pony with a raked back texture is perfect to show off standout jewelry! Half- up, half-down can work too.....replace curls with loose waves and twists and skip traditional accent reads more boho.  This is a great occasion to try an unusual hair piece in metal or mesh.  Keep jewelry simple....a cool statement necklace or bold earrings (not both) are all you need, and this isn't the time for traditional sparkly bridal jewelry...think simple shapes and elegant, unexpected styles.  If you have your eye on more traditional embellishments for jewelry 


Beatbox Photography

or hair, try darker versions of them in amber, rose gold, or fits better with the industrial feel.  


Elements to skip: 

Smooth, overly traditional and overdone hairstyles, styles with soft curls and boho braid accents.  Choose waves or twists instead of curls. Skip traditional jewelry and embellishments, choose unexpected statement pieces.


(All Hair and Makeup shown here by Jennifer Trotter of Lip Service Makeup)


Obviously you could go more "over the top" with bolder makeup, steampunk accents and metal accessories, but these choices reflect a more realistic and less costume-y approach. This bridal beauty inspo will fit within an industrial themed wedding, but still look timeless....and gorgeous!

Be sure to read the entire article here for more tips on how to infuse the industrial trend into other elements of your wedding....decor, your venue, lighting and more. Thanks again to BRIDES for featuring me! 

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