Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Should you Keep Your Makeup in the Fridge? (Daily Makeover Feature)

Image - Pinterest
Is your fridge full of healthy food, leftovers or "single girl style"... champagne, cake and accessories... like this one?  Probably something a little in between, but can I just say that I really want to know if you really do keep a feather boa in your crisper drawer....#weirdbutfabulous! What about beauty products and you store any of your faves in the refrigerator?  Nail polish, lipsticks, face they benefit, or break down...from being in the cold?  There are opinions on both sides of the coin, that's for sure!

When Daily Makeover called to ask my opinion, here's what I had to say.....

When NOT to put cosmetics in the fridge: 
  • Kohl eye pencils ...the ones you use on your inner want those to be nice and soft, not hard. Ouch!
  • Cream or Gel cosmetics like blushes and lipsticks shouldn't go in and out of the fridge....the inconsistent temps and repeated cooling/warming/cooling cycle will lead to condensation and changes in the texture of the product.  Gels and creams that are too cold also won't apply or blend well.
  • Many people swear by putting nail polish in the fridge, but this can actually make the polish thicker over time,..not good! (Cosmetic manufacturers recommend room temp for nail polish.)
  • If your fridge is overstocked with food, especially potential contaminants like raw meats. If you do put products in the fridge anyway, dedicate a separate drawer or even a small tub with a lid. the last thing you'd want for products going on your face is contamination risk from food products, or makeup that smells like leftovers...yuck!
When Fridge storage could be a good idea:
  • Eye creams and serums feel great refrigerated!  The cold will work especially well in the
    morning to de-puff the undereye area, especially in summer.
  • If you live in a really hot area and it's hard to keep your home cool, keeping a few precious items in the fridge might work for you.  (We're talking ambient temps indoors above 80 or so)
  • If you accidentally melt a lipstick, a few minutes in the fridge will return it to it's normal shape and consistency.  
  • Lip or Eye pencils - If you want a really sharp point on your lip or eye pencil, a few minutes in the fridge before sharpening will do the trick. 
  • Organic or homemade cosmetics without preservatives must go in the fridge, but be sure to check expiration because although they will stay fresh longer, they won't stay fresh indefinitely.

My #1 Favorite beauty item to keep in the fridge?  My gel eye mask!   When you wake up with a puffy face or eyes from allergies or lack of sleep, a few minutes with this cold mask on your face will wake you right on up!  Seriously, nothing works better to de-puff and fake a good night's sleep...I learned this trick during the days when I needed to be in FRONT of the camera, theses babies really work. (A gel eye mask is also a great quick fix post more here....)

Be sure to check out the article with a few of  my comments, plus a few from other beauty experts on the topic.  I always say, if it works for you, then it's not wrong!  When it comes to keeping beauty products in cold storage, it's truly just a matter of opinion. What about you...any beauty products you swear work better when kept in the fridge? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lip Service Makeup - By The Numbers

Do you read Allure magazine?  They've always got that little feature near the front, "Beauty by the Numbers" that lists out fun beauty stats using numbers.....some movie star uses 27 jars of face cream each year or interesting!  (Check out this article about Fashion Week by the Numbers for an example...)

So....for fun, I just threw this together with my own little set of random Lip Service Makeup number factoids.  I limited it to items where I either knew the actual number, or could somehow find it, or count to get it.  Ready?  Here we go......

Shoot with Troy Aikman at Valley Ranch

Tip published in Bridal Guide
58 dozen - Number of false lashes I purchased last year

Just a few lashes in my stash!
16 - number of different lash styles I keep in my kit

1 - number of SuperBowl winners I've worked with (hey Troy! )

3 - number of "red lip" purses I own (2 gifts, one I bought myself)

7-14 - age range of the group of Girl Scouts I made up for a National Shoot last year

5 - average number of magazine/blog  beauty tips, and articles I write/submit to various publications each week

714 - number of faces...women, men and children that I applied makeup to in 2014 (I only started keeping track 3 years idea what my annual average was in the past!)

23 - number of years I've been a pro artist (I started when I was dum dum...! I wish...)

18 - how many years ago I created the original Lip Service logo

1 - number of feature films I've worked on thus far - hasn't been released yet..: (  It was fun though!

A super cute lip purse I got as a birthday present!
13- Number of lipsticks/glosses in my purse this very second

6- Number of those lipstick/glosses that are various shades of red (what?  You thought it'd be more?!?)

70 - number of lovely brides I had the pleasure of beautifying last year (Love you girls!!)

16 - Total number of those brides who happen to be nurses

Doing Taylor's bridal makeup....

15 - number of faces in my largest wedding party thus far

1 - Number of times I've done makeup for a girl going to a KISS 106.1 sponsored 100% surprise prom  (it was so cool!  Read more here...)

40- number of minutes I usually schedule for makeup per person on wedding day (a perfect, relaxed pace)
Ashley's surprise prom!

12 - number of minutes I spent per person when I needed to do makeup for 14 fourteen year olds in just under 3 hours (Whew! that was fast!)

Speed makeup on 14 girls!
2 - number of makeup chairs I own (one stays in my car, one for my home studio)

0 - number of times I've applied brown blush to my clients ('s a pet peeve of mine)

25, 686 - Number of pageviews on my blog right now

1696 - Number of pageviews on my blog from followers in Russia (Russians really dig Lip Service I guess?)

- total percentage of my social media followers who are men (Thanks guys!)

4am - time I had to get up to do a big, morning wedding on my birthday last year

89 - number of before/after pics I could find with my striped shower curtain in the background (from my cozy, home studio!)
Sweet Ashley again...see that striped curtain on the right?!?
18 - Bags of Hershey kisses I purchased last year to go into touch up kits/goodie bags (a girl's gotta have her emergency wedding day chocolate!)

6 - Average number of Saturdays I have off each year ( #1 goal? SLEEP!  After that, I'll run errands, get a massage., spend time with friends and family....I try to make those days off count!)

365 - Number of days each year I thank God that I stumbled into this profession I love so much!  (Ok that was cheesy, but I had to throw it in!)

For real...this job truly is my passion!  Not just doing makeup, but helping women feel beautiful, teaching, writing, forming bonds with brides who become friends, and vendors who are now like family.  I'm so grateful to everyone who supports and encourages me so I can do what I do.  And the number I'd put on that?  You guessed it...#priceless.

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Foolproof One-Step Eyeshadow that Works on Everyone...Really!

When I teach lessons and classes, women always tell me that they are overwhelmed with many brands, so many types, so many techniques....just too many choices.  That's great for special nights out when you want to experiment and do it up, but for everyday, most women want a simple and quick go-to that always works, no fuss, no muss.  Makes sense, right?  Well ladies, you came to the right place...I have your foolproof plan of action for a simple, easy eye makeup routine that takes seconds, but still looks great!


Start by choosing a neutral shade in a shimmer formulation....bronze, gray and taupe work best! Taupe...or a cross between bronze and gray, works on everyone because it isn't too warm or cool, and the color will automatically adjust to your skin tone.  Bonus....these shades look great with any eye color too!

Apply shadow over lid area up to brow bone and blend well so there are no edges.  Use your finger or a medium size shadow brush to blend.  No need to apply in the crease, you're aiming for a soft wash of overall color.  See how simple this is?!?!  No need for 12 rainbow shades, if you want to keep it quick...this one shade will get it done!

Add a little black mascara and poof, you're ready to go!  If you want more definition, you can add a little black liner like in the photo above, but you don't have to.

A few things to note:

- Choose a shade that isn't too warm (orange) or too cool (frosty or blue looking) for the most flattering effect
- Don't choose a shade with glitter...shimmer and glitter aren't the same!  Shimmer consists of very tiny shimmery particles blended seamlessly into the shadow pigment, glitter is chunkier particles that you can clearly see.  IMO, glitter should be saved for costumes, halloween, cheer competitions, drag shows and Las Vegas.  Ok, MAYBE a girls night out, but you get the's generally not a good choice for a daytime, natural look. ; )
- Since you're only using one shade, be sure to blend lines!
- Choose a powder, or consider a cream formula.  Cream formulas are super long lasting and don't need eyeshadow primer...again, be sure the shimmer in a cream formula isn't too obvious.

Here are a few of my favorite shades at different price points, but it's not important to choose these specific ones...any similar shade will work.

                                                   MAC Cosmetics - Satin Taupe

                                                     "Barlust" - bottom left corner
                          From the Urban Decay "Smoked Palette" - Sadly, Discontinued!
A closer look at "Barlust" from Urban Decay

                               Maybelline "Bad to the Bronze" - a great cream shadow option!

So there you have it...a super quick eye that anyone can master, with no worries that you picked the wrong color for your skin tone or eye color.  Have fun finding your perfect "one stop shop" shade and tell us what it is!  Everyone can use a new favorite. This eye look  really couldn't be any easier! Simple and quick without sacrificing looking polished and pretty......AND out the door in a flash in the morning.  I think that's a win-win-win!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't be So SENSITIVE! Three ways to remove makeup that won't sting your eyes....

I'm talking about your eyes, not your feelings!
 Do you have sensitive eyes?  I do!  For the longest time, I was on the search for any makeup remover...literally ANY I could find that didn't sting my eyes when I took off my eye makeup each night.  Everything I tried, from expensive to drugstore, no matter how highly recommended....just stung like crazy and made my eyes red and watery!  After years of trial and error, plus some research and in one case... a trip to the eye doctor....I have three makeup remover options that work well for me.....

Baby Your Eyes!

Years ago, I scratched my cornea and had to go to the eye doctor.  I got meds (drops, I think) and the doc told me to not use any makeup (gasp!) and no cleansers of any kind except baby shampoo. Um...what?  At the time, I thought it was a weird suggestion, but it really makes sense if you think about it.  If baby shampoo won't make your 4 month old cry, surely it won't make YOU cry, right?
So, for about a week I wore no makeup and washed my face with baby shampoo.  A little drying on my skin, but definitely no irritation on my skin OR eyes.  Once I started wearing makeup again, I thought I'd try removing my eye makeup with it....and it worked really well!  The PH balanced
formula doesn't sting.

The Good: 

  • Cheap!  Get a big bottle of J&J brand at Target for $4.50, (cheaper if you get generic) the price is tough to beat. 
  • Multi-purpose - use on your toddler's hair, use as body wash, use to wash out lingerie (check out my article here for more on this beauty hack, plus others!)
  • No tears, Ph balanced formula is gentle on your baby, and you
  • Did I mention it's really cheap!?!
The Bad:
  • It's a little have to smear it all into your eyemakeup and then wash it off.
  • Doesn't remove waterproof gel liner and waterproof mascara very easily
  • Make sure you get plain, traditional baby shampoo...if you choose one with fragrance or other things added to it, you'll negate the "no irritation" aspect.  I always choose Johnson and Johnson No Tears...kickin' it old school.

Those Awesome Green Wipes

When working with clients, I need makeup wipes for quick cleansing before an application or a lesson.  There are tons on the market, but Garnier's The Refreshing Remover Wipes are my hands down favorite (clearly!  I've mentioned them here and here)!  Why?  Obviously, they don't sting my
eyes, but there are a whole bunch of other reasons too:

The Good:
  • Great smell - very fresh and clean
  • Affordable - About $5.99 for a pack of 25 (often on sale for $4.99)
  • Portable and easy - I pack them in my kit, my purse, even my nightstand for quick makeup removal before bed
  • Easy to find at Ulta, CVS, Target, etc.
  • Gentle formula - no residue.  Many wipes leave an oily film, these don' feels very clean
  • Removes makeup really well...even waterproof stuff.
The Bad:
  • I go through soooo many of them, that they cease to be affordable to me.  Last year alone I bought 75 packs, so at $5 a pack? of the more expensive options.  You wouldn't go through as many as I do, obviously, but you do pay for convenience when you purchase pre-moistened wipes.  That's about it!  No other negatives I can think of.
Remove your Makeup....with Water?

Yep, water!  How you ask?  Well, not just ANY water, but Micellar water.  Micellar water has been around for years, it's really popular in France and Korea, and makeup artists love to use it backstage for fashion shows where makeup has to be done and then redone quickly.  Why?  Micellar water cleanses with little micelles...molecules suspended in the water that attach to dirt and oil like a magnet!  Simply apply to a cotton pad and swipe to remove makeup...keep going until the pads aren't
dirty anymore.

The Good:
  • It's water, so absolutely no stinging or irritation of any kind!  Love that...
  • Super gentle on the rest of my skin as well
  • Perfect used with a Q-tip to clean up winged liner or a random mistake
  • Removes makeup pretty well, without using a lot of chemicals and no dyes or perfumes.
  • Pair with a sleeve of cotton pads and you're all set...easy and quick
The Bad:
  • Somewhat expensive.  I purchased Bioderma Crealine Cleansing water on Amazon for $14.42 for 100 ml, a fairly small bottle.
  • Not as accessible as other cleansers.  I checked a few beauty stores that had no idea what I was talking about before I ordered online. You can't pick this up at CVS.....
  • If you have a full face of makeup, it might take 5-6 cotton pads to get it all off, which takes longer than other methods.
So there you have it, not one, not two, but THREE options to remove your eye makeup for those of us with sensitive eyes.  Do you have another favorite remover?  Have you tried any of my favorites? Share in the comments below!

Monday, February 16, 2015

5 Tips for the Most Memorable and Kissable...Lips! (Today Show Feature)

This Valentine's Day, I got a lot of calls asking for my opinions on how to get kissable lips and I was only too happy to share!!  I'm a bit obsessed with lips...clearly, and I tend to feel naked without my bold red lip color to polish up my look.  But when romance is on the menu, a bright and bold lip shade may not be the best route to take.  And, what other steps CAN you take to have the softest, most kissable lips around?

Well, check out this article featured on the Today Show for tips from me, and other makeup artists and beauty experts!  Everything from exfoliating, prepping your lips and choosing the right's all here.

Valentine's Day might be over, and you might not be the leading lady in an iconic chick flick.... but that doesn't mean in between work meetings, carpool and the hectic pace of real life, you can't score the most memorable kiss of YOUR life!